I got rolling beasts in my premium box!

And my second box hands me a legendary zarkares for my heat mech!


Awesome! I opened a premium pack today and i got a legendary bloodlust, not sure how good it is

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like Greedy drone, focused on draining resistance rather than dealing direct dmg…

well considering im a heat mech its pretty useless, i guess thats almost 300 tokens for some myth food i could have made in a day

what is a bloodlust?

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I got useless epic items…but better luck next time…

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sorry i meant bloodweep

oh…ok…I forgot how it looks though…

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Kinda like the arnold

Bloodlust! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:



What!!! I need that though.

I’m starting to make a physical mech so it’s the perfect addition!

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I got second sparked runners

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Top 10 Best Premium Pack Openings

i LoVe My BuRnInG bOoTs


gReAt 335 ToKeNs DuDe

lost my confidence in getting magmablast hp module[legendary] and many other good stuffs

And your 2 other goldies are also very good items!
I’m so happy for you,mate :slight_smile: