I got Reckless Beam


i know reckless beam is trash and all, but any set ideas with it?
just because :man_shrugging:


Yes, use it for transformation. :slight_smile:


The only reasonable thing to do with it lmao


is that so? (20 characters)


I used two legend reckless beams for myth :slightly_smiling_face:


do not use reckless beam, it is not a bad weapon, but it is too reckless, sometimes it can’t shot the target correctly, it could miss it. It can cause you lose a battle, if you lost a battle, your rank will be lower, and that will make you feel unhappy, and If you feel unhappy you will try another battle, and if you lost again, your rank will be lower agin, and you legend reward will be lesser, so you can buy lesser boxes, fusing lesser items, and use unmaxed items will lost a battle, and lost a battle will…

use it as a myth food :wink:


im actually planning on keeping at least 1 of every myth item just because so i am gonna keep it, but i’ll myth it once i have nothing good to myth… i’ll be there as a trophy or something


It could have been good if it had higher damage with an addition of a bit of res drain like -15 ish


Do not use 2 of them.


Its a pair of reckness beams , not a pair of hysterias or a pair of savageries , you shouldnt be too worried


I am talking about reckness not these savageries.


dude… i only have one
like this is the reason why i made this post… to know if it was even good to use in any set or anything


Oh thank you…
I don’t like when someone make’s 2 of them.


if i get two… i’ll make sure to show you how i use them on enemies


true because reckless beam is horrible


just dont fight me with two beam’s…


i could reck him in two seconds


i will in dah future!


Soz for this off topic.
(i need a joke)


Mighty canon is better…
but is extremely holy freaking low drop rate.
So meh