I got my 4th myth!


My first was Zakares, my second was Terror cry, my 3rd was backbreaker, and finally, my 4th was Iron Boots!


Congrats must a lot of work.


Congrats @DarkWarrior

My first mythical was my murmur drone


My first? Interceptor, on the first day of SM Reloaded. I built the first “meta” physical - Iron boots, Interceptor, Void, Annihilation, Nightfall, Night Eagle. Removed all the useless crap after they nerfed physicals. Now I am on the verge of removing my beloved physical to build my second electrician.


Congrats! My first myth was Windigo torso


Cool.Same here

There’s no point in reading this,just click it again


Damn, first day? Nice…


No big deal… I used my legacy items… There were plenty of myths on the first day… that was easy… And Interceptor was BADASS…


That’s right,I remember it.


Hi, @L4K3, there is no use in crying over the spilt milk… It is just one maxxed item. The list of maxxed items that are now useless/unused in my account is as follows:
That makes 8 of them. I occassionally use Iron Boots, but prepare Rolling Beasts (currently level 33, still some way to go). I unmounted my physical monster to build a second, high-damage energy mech. And believe me, although it is legendary level, I seriously kick ass of top players. This is how energy is OP in this game. Watch my YT (Mordulec Square) to see the legendary electrician in action.


You sir just made me curious.
Hell I’m gonna go watch it rn


@Mordulec you keep saying Annihi/Fall/Eagle are useless but I see a lot of 'em in the top ranks :sweat_smile:


Not useless at all! Those guys get me all the time… especially if I start close to them :rage:


About to get my fourth
Got Windigo, Corrupt Light, Desolation, and soon to be mythical supreme cannon


I already have 4 mythical items: I have Windigo, Nightfall, Annihilation and Murmur drone


This is true, @Splatter. They are “decent” fillers for a 3v3 setup, when you have only 2 strong mechs and want to do 3v3. But when you go up the ranks and face more and more pushers (both heat and energy ones) you soon realize that your weakness is the limited range of Annihilations, energy usage of both Nights, energy dependent drone, and most probably lack of myth HP and res modules. When you pack 2 Annihilations and face a Last words/shotgun/abomination/supreme cannon, all you are left with is this:

Jump jump froggy frog!
Some solid maths case study:
Let’s say I am in my electrician, facing a double annihilation/nightfall physical, and we are towards the end of the match, he is drained, but has 1600 HP, I am low health (600), and the distance is in favor of the physical (mele or 2). Calculation:
  1. My turn: I fire a double salvo of myth weapons (axe + last words) - distance 3, or ash and last words - distance 3, plus the drone. This turn shaves MORE than 800 HP off the physical, and he is in range 3.
  2. His turn: hook/charge (circa 200 dmg), if not used before, or jump jump, Kriss Kross to make it! (then 0 dmg) plus annihilation salvo (always below 400), drone is deenergized. I am still alive.
  3. My turn: I repeat turn 1. Another 800 HP off, he is down. Result: 600 HP energetic defeats 1600 HP physical.

1000 HP difference, does not matter at all. And how much do you have to try to increase the HP by 1000? This is insane. I sacrificed all that could be sacrificed, and bult a 2500 HP 2 Annihilation monster. Result: I lost to 1500 HP energetic. In this case, HP and damage of physical weapons does not matter. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIRE A DOUBLE SALVO PLUS DRONE. Physicals need a long range energy-free weapon to even try to survive against energy. Also, a low damage energy free drone is needed. I have always advocated for Greedy to be tweaked. @Mohadib, please decrease Greedy’s damage and make it energy-free. It makes sense.


Well … for something it will be that top players seek to have energy.

An energy without a doubt, it would not be the best option when choosing. However, the fact that the majority seek to have 1 or 2 and occasionally 3, indicates that in this update they are overvalued.

That’s not normal.

With an unbalanced game in favor of energy and made on purpose to earn more money, I come to a conclusion: if my phys is confronted with an OP energy and I’m at a disadvantage, I don´t care anymore, it’s a bug on a bad programmed game, it’s not my problem.

We are already a little tired of repeating whenever we need a phys drone energy free. Let them do whatever they want!


wait… you use backbreaker full mythical?
lol me too xD


yeah… I use it to save my bacon a lot. I use platinum hook into backbreaker, which is what saves my bacon a lot