I got fed up with unfair battles


the next you see will pay it





the heats will not be a problem when I have the heat modules in mythic }the heats will not be a problem when I have the heat modules in mythic (they are in legend))


you forgot to mention that if you had appeared away the story would be another anyway


I feel your pain.



the reason for this post is that I get out in pvp rank 1 … most of me lose … so this time it was not an unfair battle for me


uuhhhhh what


lo dire en español el traductor tiende a cambiar el significado …ultimamente me salen rank 1 y se invirtió la situación con este al ganar yo.


I forgot to mention that you have both platinum plating and maximum protector, I only have the plating
And just to say, my mech is already maxed in every possible way except for the epic resist and I have already mythed out all visible stuff on my second mech, after I finish mods I start 2v2 so I guess we wont meet in battle for a longer period of time


I don’t know if he has PlatPlat, but 1839 HP is Zark+Scorching Feet+2x Iron Plating.


because this game player is very less,so you hard to battle to same rank!


He doesnt have PlatPlat, but Engineer haz for sure, not yet fully boosted but defently PlatPlat(1845 hp doesnt fit with epic plates).


Yes, I have a PlatPlat, and I don’t hide with it.lel
So I’m sorry, mayby he does not have PlatPlat, but either he has got MaxProtector for sure.


everything is an illusion in a battle that you think .-.


Congrats on it, it is one of the most OP items there are, use it well.
i think you are a bit advantaged by the PlatPlat.
Also, if the start was at range one, you have shotgun(redocking i think), while ha has repulser.
In the end your dmg output far surpases his.
Also in terms of protection, the PlatPlat weights very heavy to your advantage.
But it is not about that.
I think the OP wanted to point out the fact that matchmakeing pits him against hard oponents, way over his lvl, and he finds it a bit unfair.


If you play 3x3, a single platinum plate does not make much difference. A mythical resistance only physical as I have, represents more a problem than a solution, because you don´t know where to place it or when.

Here we are talking about people who are carrying 4 to 10 platinum plates (counting their 3 mechs) and combined mythical resistance in each of them.

You cannot compete with that. And in view of how difficult they are to obtain, I find it hard to believe that they have got in 6 months in a clean manner. I’m sorry if I’m unfair, but I cannot really believe.


It does make a diference, because it means a turn or half a turn, that translates into 300-500 dmg done on your next mech, and so forth.


It does make a difference

I dont play 2v2’s or 3v3’s , but i know , that a myth plate grants you 170 more hp than a maxed epic plate.

Which means you can handle another hit and get the 5% damage boost first , aka the silver medal in fight.


how did you get that its so hard


but it really does not make a difference