I got enough tokens to buy a prem pack

Should I buy a premium pack now? I got the tokens.


want 5 purples?


Do it do it do it do it! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

show us what purples you get :smiley:

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Ok ok I’ll get the pack! 5 purples here we come!

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Looks pretty good.

Any guesses guys?

myth food :smiley:

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pls show

My 3rd LPV cheezus christ :man_facepalming:


tf how??? SM NERF THIS

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XD. Man it’s almost like me but I just get claws

this games rigged, when will they get the money to restore that broken computer?

Boys its like my energy mech gave birth to two kids.


I have enough for a premium pack but i am saving up for another deal like Supreme legendary. I am going to save until Christmas. If no good deals come before Christmas then i am spending 2,400 tokens on lightning paint and the rest on premium Packs.

This is how much tokens I have now.

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tf u have valiant?!?!?!? what rank is your average?

Huh. Well I ain’t stoping you but I would go for a premium pack

So that I could get 5 Purples. I don’t think so

Lol, I always get a legendary in those packs

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1500 tokens= 3 L items 3 myth food= good