I got a good idea!


I think this game need tech support or more employees.One man cant run this game by himself.I think the creators should hire people who would help and make the game better.(LOL)


The game is not run by a single individual. It’s small team, yes, but much more than 1 person :slight_smile: Sarah is the person to contact for tech support and she does her best to answer everyone’s needs, however, in that particular case, yes, she is but 1 person. But do remember, more employee’s means more money needs to be paid out to the employee’s over going into the game itself. It’s always a careful balance.


Hmm…what about you hire volunteers from fans of the game? I mean, not on operating the game but instead, manage the forums.


Already have that in the forums.


Honestly, the forums are handled fairly well/quickly by the current staff. If there’s anyone who wants to become a moderator on the SM side, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll consider pending previous posts and demeanor of said player to determine if they are good moderator material and if we need another.

However, initiatives to volunteer and help your own community are always welcome :slight_smile:
Here is a good place to start for those looking to help.


Totally off topic but are you meant to me Maine or locus :thinking: