I got a fortune box in Mission 6, Overlord's Den

Oh, again a new account with a couple of мessages to boast of being sprinkled with legends and wunder boxes. Something I those lucky people at the top don’t see what’s interesting.

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can you not report such good things?

by the way , you can get a fortune box from ANY normal mission , the chanse is low though.

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First of all, I’m not boasting.

Secondly, I’m not new. I’ve been playing since 2013.

Lastly, I thought Fortune Boxes are only available when you beat a boss for the first time, or when farming Ramboy. So getting such a box is strange for me. And I thought “Does anyone else know about this?” and decided to post it here.

Fortunately, someone does know.


Den six (at all three difficulties) has the ability to drop BB’s. BUT they were rare, maybe one every 40-80 runs. I believe they recently increased the chance for them but I can’t say for sure. I’m going off what my mate showed me.

When the XP “update” came, I recalled farming from 50-90 and literally seeing 2 BB’s.

Anywho, like the other lad said, you can get them from any normal mission, just a low chance.

Overall, if you want BB’s, farm RB normal, highest BB drop chance imo.