I got a Crimson Rapture


Should I keep it or fuse it away?

  • Keep it
  • Fuse it away

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Keep it, it is OP like shit… I wish I land one some day…


It does seem very powerful, but I don’t have a heat build…

You think it’s a good idea if I make a Physical-Heat build?


Hybrids are never a good idea… You will fall behind with weight and resistance incompatibility… Also, CR generates a lot of heat, so it is dangerous to the user as well…


Yeah, you just got very rare legend-myth item but who cares, yeah fuse it away.


Check the hidden stats for it. believe its an awesome weapon just not very common.


for legendary its -28 heat cap

for myth its -48 heat cap.

its broken


Just fuse it, you won’t get it again, last chance for you to fuse it


Send it to me so I can replace my Legacy version of it (Lava Spray Mark II) :wink:


Lol, like I can do that :joy::laughing:


Sorry… but it´s bad… It consumes energy and will reheat more to you than to your adversary

And if you don´t believe me, ask to mrX who has 2…


Two on the same mech seems hard to setup ( I’ve tried a little but no extensive tests)…
But used correctly it’s a game changer…


Used well it can do some pretty serious damage with its -48 heat cap - thats what makes its’ heat cost worth it. The energy cost is annoying, of course… bottom line, if its a L-M weapon, keep it. You’ll most likely never see it again, and who knows? You might need it some day. Or it could be buffed! (if you’re lucky :stuck_out_tongue:)


I need to do that too. Lava sprays are still good lower-rank tho