I go a idea a clan war

just tell my its is a good idea a clan war


It’s allredy asked on that topic…

It was mentioned sometimes

kinda nbot really… but it sounds very interesting… what would be the prizes of the winners?

i think i mentioned this but i am not sure

Idea is good, but if we look on realisation of all ideas from TS… that end so stupid…

guys there are tones of good ideas,they don t care about them


well dit is de rules rules 1 its must use 3 mechs ruls 2 if one of your mechs is dead its cant use anymore rules 3 its must 2 day time limet en rules 4 if you ar de only survivor you win de war dat all i know

i hope you like de ruls guys:smile:

Yeah,well,this isn’t Clash Royale and it has already been suggested.Of course,no answer to this day.


first of all the hell ar you talkin about en second if you realy wanne play clash loyal dan play on smartphone