I getting no enjoyment in this game anymore


I’m loosing interest now. I’m not getting Items I want, nor good ones. I get the same crap in the mix boxes. I open 750 boxes just to get four items fully myth. I bought the five Premium pack, and got one item I really wanted. That was the Rolling Best. I’m starting to loose more interest. The next big upgrade better be worth it. This game has fallen underground. I just had to let that anger out.


well at least it wasnt t r a n s f o r m r e l i c s


It’s a while since I saw a complaint about those…

Maybe they were finally removed, AFTER YEARS OF FAKE PROMISES ?!



Your feelings are completely understandable. I’m feeling exactly the same way. I’m not sure if I even want to play anymore. Half of me wants to stay, the other half wants to walk away. It’s getting stale. I’m not getting the items I need to help me progress and I’m not spending any money to do it because the chances of me getting said items is bleak. The chances and money isn’t worth it and definitely doesn’t feel like it’s well spent. So, I guess it is what it is


This feeling is very common

Hopefully Tacticsoft is listening and can address these problems in the upcoming update


Leave if you want to… i am staying on this ship untill it is about to sink


Let me buy the item I want with tokens and I’ll be much more willing to spend.
Like 1,000 tokens for an item of choice.


That is the idea for me right now. I’m actually staying to whether the ship sinks or stays the course.