I found old supermechs


lInk http://gamesogood.com/strategy/857


Paint is broken cause i cant paint my mech

Computer battle is fun cause its random


the reason why it is funny is that it is 1x speed, when our currect game is 2x, make it too fast
i want slow motion battles xd


The computer battle is like a multiplayer but bit dumb
sometimes the mech you battle looks easy but its not


Oh damn, this smeels Liran, @El_Metre look at this


Brings back some good memories.


Oh wow
So…you found the beta version of it?


That shitty 2010 Flash game looking, it’s so nostalgic.


Im havin a good time


I think i will roll a few in that 2010 flash.
Might prove better then the 2019 version.
@KilliN maybe we get medals…this time skill wise… not wallet sized.


Too bad the client isn’t connected to any server, would be a shame if it was, I see people leaving the current version to play that old one.


You might find it funny… this morning i was searching for MechaWarrior 1(1989 i think)… the dos version, to play it.
Old old times… used to play it as a kid on IBM 286 i think… dinosaurus were kept as pets. The jetsons and flintstons were the main shows…ans Married with children was in pilot episodes.


it does not save :(((((
i guess you can hack it to save time


you might need to because most item needs platinum and you cant get it cause your offline


Lets buy supermechs and make it 2010 again whos on the boat