I found a hacker

@Sarah247 his name is archange117 (useless thing won’t let me paste screenshot) but anyways while i was fighting him the game would not let me use anything

Please Private message this to her.
And you should screenshot his/her mech and Id.

Most likely anything related to you or your movements is your internet or some server lag. Its very rare for a hacker to be able to hack the mech of somebody else, so dont rush to conclusions. Also, before sending a pm to Sarah, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Can I be absolutely sure that this player has been hacking?

  2. Do I have the proper proof and evidence (e.g screenshots, videos) that will support my claim that this player hacks?

If you cannot answer both these questions with a yes, I recommend that you do not send a pm to sarah. If you can answer yes to both questions, then you should send it to Sarah, but remember to post all your evidence in the pm and explain why it proves that this player has been hacking.

i fought him 2 times and i could not do anything he had (all maxed) naga, lightning supporters(not maxed) last words, grim cobra, valiant sniper (i think that is the electric one)

If it happened twice then he might be a hacker. Do you know how to record your screen? If so, take a video of the replays and put them into the pm that you send to sarah.

I found a hacker…his/her name is @Not_Thomas_Gauthier



but realy he was rank 10 and going up

my computer is selfmade and i havent addad a recording system yet

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Alright? in that case tell sarah your username and player ID so she can view your replays herself.

how do you find your player id

settings (the gear icon in the top right)-> player info

my player id is 13996323
my username is yay (don’t ask)