I finished watching Overlord 2


it’s a hecking good show.


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watch out tho. Alex will ban you for spoiling Overlord.


I just finished watching the ancient magnus bride


Do you want me to spoil it from season 1 and episode wise?
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Season 3 in July, Kaen :slight_smile:


Nice nice. Im hype. First 2 seasons were really good. I realized why Shalltear Bloodfallen is waifu asf.


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Overlord Episode-1
The series begins with YGGDRASIL, a popular online game is set to shut down. However, Momonga, Guild Leader of Ainz Ooal Gown decides to stay and not log out while his friend Herohero has to log out and bids farewell to him. Momonga retrieves the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown and proceeds to the Throne Room along with Sebas Tian and Pleiades.

Momonga sits on the throne, and modifies the setting of Albedo out of playfulness because it’s the last few minutes till the the shut down. When the clock hits midnight, the officially announced shut down time, he then notices that the server is still up and running. With his mind clouded in confusion, he then realizes that he still retains the outward appearance of his game avatar and tries to access the game functions like consoles but the functions are inaccessible. The next great shock comes in tow when he sees the NPCs of Nazarick begin to show sentience. In order to assess the situation, he orders Sebas to survey the outside of Nazarick while Albedo must assemble the Floor Guardians on the 6th floor.

Momonga teleports to the Amphitheater. There, he meets Aura and Mare and asks them to help in testing the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. He later summons the Primal Fire Elemental and even asks Aura if she wants to fight it, which she agrees and drags the unwilling Mare into the ordeal. The Floor Guardians then begin to arrive and they all swear their loyalty to the Overlord of Nazarick

Overlord Episode-2
After the Guardians swears their loyalty to Momonga, he hoped that they’ll fulfill their duties without failure. Sebas Tian reports to him that Nazarick is surrounded by grasslands and not a swamp. Momonga confirms that Nazarick has been transported. He also confirms that the NPC’s are loyalty to him and teleports to leave the amphitheater. When Momonga left the Guardians start their discuss about their benevolent master.

Momonga plans on going outside of Nazarick to see for himself. He encounters Demiurge’s three demon generals on the 1st Floor. Demiurge notices Momonga and request him to accompany him outside. Momonga is amazes by the beauty of the new world and jokingly suggests on taking over the world which cause Demiurge to misinterpret his intention. Momonga saw Mare doing a good job for concealing the walls of Nazarick and reward him the ring of of Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo descends from the sky and tells Mare that Momonga is currently disguising himself as his usual appearance will cause the denizens of Nazarick to halt their work and await his orders. Momonga then gives Albedo a ring of Ainz Ooal Gown since her role as the Overseer of the Floor Guardians requires her to be able to supervise the other Floor Guardians quickly and teleport back to Nazarick before he witness Albedo scream happily.

In the frontier, a group of warrior patrols the area while a mysterious group watches them. The mysterious figure orders his men to attack the next village and guide the beasts to their cage.

Overlord Episode-3
In the frontier, Gazef Stronoff and his Warrior Troops encounter a ransacked village and tells his Vice Captain to send the survivors to E-Rantel but the vice captain warn his captain that the attack on the villages was a trap to lure them out. Gazef disregard his warning and continues to pursue the imperial knights. In Nazarick, Momonga using the Mirror of Remote Viewing discovers a village being attack by knights. At first he doesn’t want to get involved as there’s no benefit in saving them but when he sees Sebas’s face, it reminds him of Touch Me, who had saved him from being PKed and the ideal which he holds. That makes him decide to save the village as a way to repay his debt to Touch Me.

Momonga teleports himself to the outskirts of the village, saving Enri Emmot and Nemu Emmot from the knights. He then summons the Death Knight and slaughters them in sight. Albedo soon joins him, in full armor. The appearance of Momonga and Albedo frighten the two humans, prompting Ainz to disguise himself as a masked Magic Caster. Before departing to take care of the remaining soldiers he introduces himself as Ainz Ooal Gown.

After Ainz saved the village he gains information about the New World from the village chief. He decides to withdraw but Gazef’s troop arrives at the village. Ainz Ooal Gown introduces himself as the one that saved the village. Gazef thanks him for saving the village, however, an unknown group have surrounded Carne Village.

Overlord Episode-4
Sunlight Scripture led by Nigun Grid Luin prepares to attack Carne Village and kills Gazef Stronoff. When the Carne Village is surrounded, Gazef request Ainz Ooal Gown to protect the village once more, knowing that it is a selfish request. However, Ainz agrees due to his respect to Gazef. Gazef and his troop’s valiant attempt to exempt the villagers from the fighting. Gazef uses his martial arts against the angels but he was overwhelmed by their magic and all of his troop are killed or unable to fight. Nigun tells Gazef that he should abandon the villagers to save his life but Gazef taunts Nigun that someone in the village is stronger than him which Nigun orders his angel to kill him immediately. Gazef waiting for his imminent death is teleports along with his men to the village storage house and realizing that his life was saved by Ainz.

Ainz confronts the Sunlight Scripture and requests them to surrender or face the consequences. Ainz uses Negative Burst on the Archangel Flame and uses Hell Flame on the Principality Observation. Nigun desperate use the sealing crystal and summoned the Dominion Authority. Ainz feels disappointed at Nigun’s highest angel that he summoned. Nigun thinks Ainz is joking and orders the Dominion Authority to attack but it was slight damage him. Albedo gets mad and cursed the lower life form of hurting her beloved. Ainz calm Albedo down and use Black Hole on the Dominion Authority. Nigun begins to beg for his life but turned down by Ainz and Albedo and face the consequences of their foolishness.

Ainz easily defeats the Sunlight Scripture and returns back to Nazarick. He announces and orders his NPCs to spread his name to the New World while his servants misinterpret his declaration and prepare for their own plan on taking over their world

Overlord Episode-5
Albedo reports to Ainz about the current situation in Nazarick. After that, Shalltear Bloodfallen came and told Ainz that she is leaving with Sebas Tian for her mission.

Ainz Ooal Gown and Narberal Gamma infiltrate the fortress city of E-Rantel and to learn more about this New World. They cause a trouble at the inn and compensate a potion to Brita. Momon discuss his plans with Nabe on becoming famous adventurer in this city and have to find a job. Brita visits the Bareare’s workshop and found out it’s a rare potion. Lizzie Bareare suggest to his grandson to search for this adventurer and find out who make this rare potion from.

In the Adventurer’s Guild, Momon and Nabe attempt to find a job but the Swords of Darkness interrupted and offered Momon and Nabe a job for them. They discuss about the detail of their job. After the discussion, they meet Nfirea Bareare, who request Momon to be his escort to Carne Village. Nfirea discuss about the request but Momon suggest to Nfirea to take the Swords of Darkness as well which Nfirea agreed that they will come along as well for the journey. Meanwhile at the E-Rantel Communal Cemetery, Clementine visits Khajiit Dale Badantel and shows the Crown of Wisdom to him. She tells Khajiit that she will help him on his ritual which Khajiit accept her offered.

Overlord Episode-6
In the journey, Momon, Nabe, Nfirea and the Swords of Darkness travel to Carne Village, the party is attacked by a large group of Goblin and Ogre. A battle plan is made quickly while the Swords of Darkness pick off the goblins, Ainz and Nabe would eliminate the ogres. As the fight proceeds, the adventurer group quickly realize that their companions are no ordinary adventurers.

After that the party set up camp to take a break for their journey. They talked about Swords of Darkness group’s origin and symbol. Momon starts to talked about his guildmates then Ninya says something sensitive to Momon which cause him to get emotional. After Momon and Nabe left, Swords of Darkness conclude that Momon’s comrade are probably gone. Nfirea change the subject to talk about Momon’s strength and Peter guess that Momon is maybe the same level as adamantite adventurer, and group talk through the night. Meanwhile, at E-Rantel, Khajiit create more undead minion to prepares to take over the city while Clementine waits for Nfirea to return.


Overlord Episode-7
Momon’s group arrive at Carne Village and meet Enri Emmot and her Goblin Troop. Enri tells Nfirea in why the village is fortified and she also mentioned about Ainz Ooal Gown, the red potion that’s heals her, and Albedo which Nfirea concluded that Momon is Ainz Ooal Gown. Nfirea apologizes to Ainz for deceiving him and Ainz tells him not to revealed his identity to anyone.

They begin to gather herbs in the forest while Ainz plans to tame the Wise King of the Forest with help of Aura. However, he was disappointed after seeing the Wise King of the Forest is actually giant hamster and he easily tame it. After taming it Nfirea asks Momon that he want to joined his adventurer team but Momon respectfully decline his offer. However, Momon suggests to Nfirea that he will protect the village instead. After completing Nfirea’s request, they return back to E-Rantel. Nfirea and Swords of Darkness will unpack the herbs in Bareare’s house while Momon and Nabe will register Hamsuke to the Adventurer’s Guild. In Bareare’s house, Clementine appears in front of Nfirea, who’s waiting to kidnap him.

Overlord Episode-8
Clementine appears in front of Nfirea and prepares to kidnap him. The Swords of Darkness attempt to buy time for Nfirea and Ninya to escape but Khajiit blocked their way of escape which leads to all the members being killed. After registering Hamsuke at the Adventurer’s Guild, Momon’s group meet Lizzie Bareare and guide them to her house. However, they found the Swords of Darkness, who turned into a zombie. After killing them off, Momon investigate that their objective is Nfirea. Momon tells Lizzie to hire him and rescue his grandson which she agreed. Momon orders Nabe to use the locator scroll to track where Nfirea is held. Momon discovers an undead army at the cemetery and tells Lizzie to warn the people and the Guild of the threat.

At the E-Rantel Cemetery, the undead army assaulted the gate of the city. The guards try to defend it but overwhelm by their sheer numbers. Momon’s group arrive and breakthrough the undead. Momon’s group meet the members of Zuranon, who are in progress on using the Death Spiral at the city. Momon then leaves Nabe to deal with Khajiit while he and Clementine leave to take their battle elsewhere. Momon tells Clementine that he doesn’t need to fight her seriously and their duel begins.

Overlord Episode-9
Momon and Nabe begin their respective fights against Khajiit Dale Badantel and Clementine to save Nfirea Bareare. Khajiit summons two Skeletal Dragons that he declares have absolute resistance against 1st to 6th Tier Magic. Nabe hears his master’s command to use the power of Nazarick and she will be no longer fight as Nabe but as Narberal Gamma, she easily obliterates both the dragons and Khajiit with a seventh tier spell.

Momon continues to give Clementine a handicap and clashes with her repeatedly. Furious at how Momon repeatedly mocks her as a weak warrior, Clementine charges Momon with a full force attack and stabs him in both eyes with elemental strikes. Momon grabs her with a one-armed bear hug. Ainz reveals his true nature as an elder lich, Ainz torments Clementine that she was defeated by a magic caster that didn’t even use his magic against her. Ainz crushes her body with both arms and killing her. Ainz then rescues Nfirea and destroy the Crown of Wisdom. Momon then returns victorious with Nabe, Hamsuke and Nfirea for resolving the cemetery incident in E-Rantel.

At the inn, Ainz is disappointed with his new promotion with Nabe, He thought they’ll be at least be promoted to orichalcum rank. Ainz contacts Albedo, who alerts him that Shalltear Bloodfallen has rebelled against Nazarick

Overlord Episode-10
In E-Rantel, a young mistress complains about her food, causing a scene at the inn she and her butler are staying. The young lady is actually Solution Epsilon, who alongside Sebas Tian are posing as members of a noble family from the Baharuth Empire. Zach, a human the two hired, sells them out to a mercenary group who plan to ambush them outside the city. During a carriage ride to Re-Estize, the two are joined by Shalltear Bloodfallen and her two Vampire Brides. The group have a brief discussion on their creators and Ainz, until they are disturbed by a commotion outside.

Death Spreading Brigade has surrounded them and are excited at seeing Shalltear. However, their excitement becomes horror after Shalltear and her vampires begin slaughtering the bandits. Solution catches Zach, who she consumes into her body. Shalltear and her minions later take their leave from the group to track the bandits and their lair. At the bandit’s base, Shalltear meets Brain Unglaus who challenges her. However for all his skill and ability he is unable to land a hit. Shalltear’s comments of his Martial Arts, drive a point into Brain’s ego causing him to flee. Seeing that play time is over Shalltear reverts to her True Vampire form and continued her massacre of the bandits. She senses someone outside the base and it turns out to be a group of adventurers. Shalltear slays all save Brita, who is saved from certain death by her use of a potion, given to her by Momon. Shalltear uses mind control on Brita to find out where she obtained such a potion. Upon learning of the information extracted from Brita, she grows confused at the human’s explanation and decides to spare the woman as it may be part of Ainz’s plan. Additionally, she is shocked to learn that an adventurer was sent back to E-Rantel.

Furious at her neglect, Shalltear flies overhead and summons several vampire wolves to track the adventurer. The group of wolves begin moving through the forest until they were all immediately killed. To her surprise, this prompts her to investigate the cause, where she finds a new group laying in wait. Faced with a new foe, Shalltear dives into the offensive while resuming her monstrous form. Conjuring Spuit Lance, she attempts to attack, but is parried by the leader of the group. Just as she is blocked, the leader orders an old lady in their group to activate her dress. The magic of the dress glows, and a dragon of light shoot directly at Shalltear. The Floor Guardian sense her mind to be slowly taken over. Before her mind is taken, she manages to throw an attack that kills the wielder as well as her bodyguard.

Overlord Episode-11
In the Throne Room of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown is using scrying magic to view Shalltear Bloodfallen. He is irritated that he must resort to using a Divine Class item to resolve this matter. He receives a [Message] from Narberal Gamma reporting he has been summoned by the E-Rantel Adventurer’s Guild who have become aware of Shalltear.

Back at E-Rantel, Ainz now donning his Momon disguise attends a meeting headed by the Guildmaster, Pluton Ainzach. At the meeting are three other mythril ranked adventurer teams: Rainbow, Sky Wolf and Kralgra that have been summoned to deal with the vampire.

Ainz wishing to minimize the damage caused by Shalltear’s appearance, concocts a story that he his familiar with the vampire, who he calls Honyopenyoko, and has been hunting it. In addition he shows that he possesses a Sealing Crystal containing a seventh tier level spell which he intends to use. Momon insists that Darkness will fight against Honyopenyoko alone, arguing that involving others in the fight will simply increase the number of casulties. Nearly all in the room acquiesce to his terms save Igvarge of Kralgra, who demands his group accompany Momon in the fight against the vampire, which the latter accepts. En route to the destination where Shalltear is located, Ainz has Kralgra ambushed, Igvarge himself killed by Mare Bello Fiore.

Albedo and Ainz then walk towards Shalltear, to whih Ainz reveals his magic ring, Shooting Star. He hopes that the wish granting magic of the ring will undo the spell on Shalltear. To his surprise the magic fails. Ainz panic-ally orders a retreat, teleporting himself and Albedo to a safer location. Albedo attempts to ask what is wrong, however Ainz goes through a tantrum of rage. Just as his undead racial effect kicks in, he calms down. Once calmed he tells Albedo the magic of a Divine Item didn’t have any effect on the mind control placed on Shalltear. There is only one power that could do so, World Items. Ainz didn’t think any World Items were in the New World, he orders Albedo that they must hurry to the Treasury to retrieve the World Items stored there.

Albedo and Ainz are joined by Yuri Alpha in the Treasury. At the gate Ainz opens it to the inner sanctum. They encounter a strange octopus humanoid, that Albedo recognizes as her creator Tabula Smaragdina. However she quickly corrects her self stating he is an impostor, causing Yuri to prepare for battle. Ainz orders them to stand down, as the impostor is really a Doppelgänger named Pandora’s Actor, the Area Guardian of the Treasury. The Area Guardian dramatically introduces himself and offers his services to which he deduces that they have come or the World Items. Embarrassed by the Area Guardian’s actions, Ainz pulls his creation aside and tries to impress him to act seriously without antics. After that he order Albedo to give her Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to Pandora’s Actor and follow him to the Mausoleum.

Inside the Mausoleum, Ainz shows Albedo the Avatara, golem statues made into the likeness of each of the Supreme Beings. Ainz created it as a memorial to his comrades and to safely store away their gear. He tells Albedo once day a statue of him will be here. Albedo takes it that Ainz means to leave them and begs him to stay with Nazarick forever. Ainz cannot promises her that and tells her that should he be gone leading Nazarick and the other Floor Guardians wll fall to her. He tells her his intent to face Shalltear alone, despite her protests, stating it is his responsibility and he does not wish for his children to kill one another. Albedo seeing his determination, demands that he promise her one thing, to come back.

Overlord Episode-12
Upon arriving at the site, Ainz Ooal Gown commands Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore to separate from him. Since they are now equipped with the World Items: Picture of Nature and Nation and Avarice and Generous, he orders them to scout the area for any interlopers.

Demiurge has returned to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, where he meets with Cocytus and Albedo. He asks what is going and learns that Ainz intends to face Shalltear Bloodfallen alone. Despite Albedo’s confidence that Ainz will be victorious, Demiurge is afraid of the possibility that his master may be killed. He criticizes Albedo’s acceptance of Ainz’s decision, noting how she was most critical when their master went to E-Rantel to become an adventurer. Demiurge attempts to leave to assist his master, but is stopped by Cocytus who was given orders from Ainz to prevent any interference. Demiurge relents however should Ainz fall he demands that Albedo step down as Overseer Guardian to which Albedo accepts, continuing to believe Ainz will return.

Ainz approaches where Shalltear is still in her standby mode. Seeing it as a good time as any, Ainz prepares for battle, buffing his stats with magic enhancing spells and arms himself with Quick-Change Items. Lastly he prepares to cast the Super Tier Magic: Fallen Down. When the spell is completed, it causes massive damage, resulting in a gigantic crater where the Floor Guardian stood. Shalltear who had been calmly standing in a stationary position, is not only armed with Spuit Lance, but also donning her Valkyrie Armor. Despite looking relatively unharmed, Shalltear laughs and admits that the attack did some damage to her and she prepares to attack her master. The two exchange barbs and attacks at each other. Shalltear gains the upper hand, but Ainz manages to counter her using his experience and deception. Shalltear then summons her Einherjar, a physical double. Ainz manages to counter the two attacks and defeat the double, though he sustains attacks from Shalltear, with Spuit Lance draining his mana.

Eventually Ainz uses Widen Magic: Cry of the Banshee. The area turns bright and as the light fades, the surrounding area having turned into sand. The attack leaves Shalltear unscathed. Ainz now low on mana, Shalltear prepares to finish him off. She asks if he has any last words. Rather than admit defeat Ainz declares that she was sloppy and that everything is going according to him plan.

Overlord Episode-13
Ainz Ooal Gown calmly states that he instead should be thanking Shalltear Bloodfallen for her overconfidence. Shalltear believes Ainz is bluffing, but is now wondering what Ainz has yet to retreat. Ainz explains the tactics of PVP and the use of misinformation. Shalltear realizes that she was led to believe that Ainz didn’t known about her abilities from the start. In fact Ainz was lying, making Shalltear think everything is going according to her master’s plan. Scared at the possibility that she walked into a trap she retaliates, intending to pierce Ainz with Spuit Lance.

Ainz is suddenly garbed in a silver armor. The Floor Guardians watching from Nazarick realize that the armor is Touch Me’s personal armor. Demiurge deduces that Ainz used [Perfect Warrior] to wear the armor without penalty. Shalltear cries in pain as she is slashed across the chest. She sees that her opponent now wields a katana, which she recognizes as Takemikazuchi MK 8, another weapon of the Supreme Beings. Ainz declares that he possesses the strength of all Forty-One Supreme Beings.

Ainz follows up with another attack, but is blocked by Shalltear. He dismisses his weapon making the vampire believe Ainz is wide open. However her attacked is rebuffed by the appearance of two daggers, Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi. Ainz continues his attacks using one Divine Weapon after another.

Frustrated, Shalltear manages to pierce Ainz with her Spuit Lance, and declares that her weapon will drain Ainz’s HP. However as she pulls back, she hears a familiar voice from Ainz’s watch. The latter declares that battle to be over. Shalltear angry at Ainz’s overconfidence launches an onslaught of attacks.

Ainz begins activating his Super-Tier Magic with Shalltear in the center. Just as he is about to activate a Cash Item to quicken the spell Shalltear rushes forward and nearly lands a killing blow on Ainz. However she is suddenly distracted by an skill. Before she could determine who activated the skill Ainz completes his spell and Shalltear is engulfed in an oblivion. Before she fades Shalltear admits to her master as the victor.

Elsewhere Mare Bello Fiore asks if his sister, Aura Bella Fiora of Shalltear. Ainz return to Nazarick where he is about to prepare to resurrect the Fallen Floor Guardian. The remaining Floor Guardians wary that Shalltear may still be under the influence of the mind control even after her resurrection prepare to subdue her. Shalltear is successfully brought back to life, however is unable to recall any memories of the last five days.

Shalltear realizes that her breast pads are missing and her reaction irritates her colleagues on her priorities. As Ainz watches his ‘children’ he feels nostalgia of the time with his comrades. Rather than punish her, Ainz takes responsibility for the events that transpired.

Now that there is a confirmed existence in the world that can threaten Nazarick, Ainz declares that the need to strengthen their power is more imperative than ever. Albedo eager to please reports that Nazarick has recently discovered the Great Lake where the lizardmen dwell.

Months after Ainz Ooal Gown defeated Shalltear, the Adventurer’s Guild had promoted Darkness as adamantite rank adventurers. In addition Nfirea Bareare and Lizzie Bareare move to Carne Village where they are greeted by Enri Emmot and Lupusregina Beta. Elsewhere in Re-Estize, Solution Epsilon and Sebas Tian have taken residence in the Royal Captal. In addition Gazef Stronoff discovers a demoralized Brain Unglaus in the alleys.

Meanwhile in the Slane Theocracy, the Captain of the Black Scripture gives his report to the Six Cardinals of events his team faced against a powerful vampire. Though they are concerned about the vampire, the Cardinals state they should be more wary of whoever defeats that creature. They note that they have become greatly weaken due to a series of unfortunate events and suggest they post a surveillance team to monitor the area.

Ainz as Momon prepares to go off on another quest, as he leaves the guild, he orders Shalltear to mobilize Gargantua.


Overlord 2 Episode-1
The Captain of the Black Scripture is walking down a hallway after a meeting when he comes across Extra Seat. She asks him what the report was about, but he replies that she should’ve gotten one concerning it. They then discuss the recent mission the Black Scripture returned from and how they encountered a mysterious undead, as well as the disappearance of the Sunlight Scripture at the hands of a man named Ainz Ooal Gown.
In an undisclosed location, a dragon awakens from its slumber after detecting someone nearby. The dragon is revealed to be Platinum Dragon Lord, and the person he detected was his old friend, Rigrit Bers Caurau. The two discuss how Rigrit passed on the magic item she received from the Dragon Lord to a “young one”. Platinum Dragon Lord then states that the power that has corrupted this world has returned and that unlike their old leader, it is a force of evil.
In the Re-Estize Kingdom, the King and the nobles are discussing the kingdom’s response to this year’s attack from the Baharuth Empire. After the meeting Gazed and King Ramposa III discuss the events privately, the king believes that the attempted assassination of Gazef was the machinations of the nobles. He apologizes to the loyal retainer of his helplessness, though Gazef tells him there is no need. They are greeted by the appearance of Ramposa’s daughter, Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself, and her guard Climb.
After exchanging a few words of affection, the two pairs separate. The king asks Gazef of the character of the man who saved him, Ainz Ooal Gown. Gazef vouches for the Magic Caster declaring him an ally.
Meanwhile, in a wide plains area, Momon and Nabe are confronting an approaching dust storm. The storm as it turns out is a Gigant Basilisk being driven by Hamsuke. Just as the basilisk is about to run over the pair, Momon beheads it. Having completed in subjugating the monster, Momon orders Hamsuke and Nabe to relay their success to the Adventurer’s Guild, while he returns to the Nazarick.
Now donning his Ainz Ooal Gown appearance, the protagonist hovers above Nazarick, concealed with magic. He is greeted by Mare, who returns his Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown which he uses to teleport to the 9th Floor. Albedogreets her master in a seductive matter, causing Ainz to momentarily become shocked before his emotional dampener kicks in. Ainz then orders Albedo to discuss with him new information that he acquired from the Adventurer’s Guild. One is being a map of the New World. Ainz details what he has learned about the location of where Nazarick is situated and the surrounding locations and nations. In addition, he mentions that various Floor Guardians on assignment: Aura Bella Fiora building a base in the Great Forest of Tob; Demiurge in the Abelion Hills; Sebas Tian and Solution Epsilon undercover in Re-Estize. Ainz questions the whereabouts of Shalltear Bloodfallen, and the scene switches to a drunk vampire in Sous-chef’s Bar on the 9th Floor. She has been depressed for her rebellion, though involuntarily believes it brings her loyalty to Ainz in question. They are greeted by Eclair Ecleir Eicler, who attempts to cheer Shalltear, but sinks her into a deeper depression.
Back with Ainz, although Shalltear has repented her time from being brainwashed by the enemy, Albedo still believes she deserves to be punished. Ainz considers her opinion, before turning his attention to a new area of interest, the Great Lake, where Cocytus is stationed.
At the Great Lake, Zaryusu Shasha arrives at his fish farm where he finds his brother Shasuryu Shasha. The two share a few words of discussion, Zaryusu thanking his brother for his help in making this farm possible. Shasuryu turns to the topic on Zaryusu settling down, though Zaryusu is unsure due to his status as a traveler. Just as his brother leaves, the village of Green Claw, it visited by an undead that blots out the sky. It declares their doom to the lizardmen below.

Overlord 2 Episode-2
The lizardmen of Green Claw discuss what their response should be to the declaration of their extermination. After some debate, Zaryusu proclaims that because the messenger specified them as the second sacrifice, it implied that the other tribes were threatened as well. In the past the lizardmen were at war with one another due to overpopulation and food shortages. Green Claw formed an alliance with Razor Tail and Small Fang against the alliance of Yellow Speckle and Sharpe Edge. Green Claw and its allies were victorious, while Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge were wiped out.
The five tribes could ally with one another to form a large enough army to defeat their would be destroyers. Many in the tribe do not believe it to be possible as several of the surviving lizardmen from the defeated tribes were absorbed by the other tribes and may still hold a grudge against Green Claw and its allies.
Shasuryu Shasha concurs with Zaryusu’s wisdom and appoints him as an emissary of Green Claw to gather the tribes of Red Eye and Dragon Tusk.
In a private meeting between Zaryusu and his brother, its revealed that one of Zaryusu’s motivations for uniting the tribes to fight their new adversary is to reduce the population of the lizardmen in the Wetlands. Years ago there was a massive war among the lizardmen over resources due to their growing population. The war that caused two of the tribes to disband and Zaryusu feels there is no way avoid another war like that. When asked what he will do should the tribes refuse to join their alliance, Zaryusu replies that he will eliminate them first, before riding off with Rororo.
The scene switches to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, where Demiurge spies, Eclair Ecleir Eicler and his manservant. As the two exchange greetings, Demiurge asks where Ainz is, to which Eclair replies that Ainz would be spending time at a human village. When questioned further as to why Eclair came out of Ainz’s chambers. Since Sebas Tian is away, Eclair has taken up all the butler’s duties to compensate. The penguin does not mind as his is motivated to work harder so that he may one day sit on the throne of Nazarick.
Zaryusu arrives at Red Eye and is given an audience with the acting chieftain. Much to his surprise, the chief is a albino female who introduces herself as Crusch Lulu. Crusch’s exoticism arouses him to the point he proposes to her on the spot. Her attraction to him also comes out, however the two regain enough of their sense to address the more pressing matter: the threat of extermination. Crusch explains Red Eye plans to evacuate the Wetlands, though Zaryusu advises against it. He warns that the other tribes will retaliate should one of the other tribes tries to escape to a new habitat, and possibly might start another inter-tribal war. Taking note of the veiled threat Crusch reluctantly agrees to ally her tribe with Green Claw in face of extinction.
When Zaryusu asks how her tribe managed to survive the shortage of food during the previous war, Crusch is hesitant to say. In the end she tells him in anguish of her tribe’s desperate story of survival, resorting to cannibalism. Crusch is ashamed of the past, though is comforted by Zaryusu.
At the site of construction the Great Forest of Tob, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta gives Cocytus a series of scrolls to use for his upcoming campaign. Entoma herself has been order to monitor Cocytus’s progress at Ainz’s orders.
With the alliance with Red Eye secured, Zaryusu next destination is Dragon Tusk. He is joined by Crusch and after arriving at Dragon Tusk’s Village are met with hostility. Zenberu Gugu approaches them and demands a duel with Zaryusu.

Overlord 2 Episode-3
Zenberu Gugu orders his tribe that he will duel Zaryusu Shasha. Should the latter win, he would be Dragon Tusk’s new chieftain. Zenberu is eager to fight against Zaryusu seeing him as a top grade warrior. Zaryusu agrees on the condition that Crusch Lulu be spared should he fall. As the duel between the two progresses over time, Zenberu manages to land a blow on Zaryusu, but he eventually loses due to exhaustion from one of Frost Pain’s abilities. After the match, Zenberu later hosts a feast for the two. At the feast, Zenberu pledges to have his tribe join the war against the Supreme One, but asks if they can win. Zaryusu doesn’t know, yet feels as if the enemy possesses overwhelming strength were arrogant enough to deliver the warnings to the tribes. Zaryusu plans to exploit that arrogance when their forces clash, though Crusch believes its better to surrender and risk enslavement. The former counters that if they choose enslavement they may risk losing much more, but Crusch believes it to be the best course. Despite their different views, Crusch ask Zaryusu not to die, to which he complies, not until she gave him her ‘answer’.
Four days before the undead invasion, the trio then arrive at the village of Razor Tail, where the other remaining tribes have gathered. At the chieftain meeting, the chiefs decide to create a small elite unit composed of the chieftains. To compensate for the lack of leadership in the field, they designate the Head Warriors of each tribe to be the commanders.
Cocytus orders his army to advance, whilst Ainz Ooal Gown has been informed of the development. Back at the Great Lake, the undead army composed of skeletons, zombie beasts, etc. march to attack Razor Tail’s Village. Shasuryu Shasha, tells the gathered lizardmen not to waver and attack. The two armies engage, and thanks to the lizardmen’s morale and preparation they are gaining the upper hand. Cocytus, seeing that he has underestimated his opponents, calls Demiurge for advice so as not to disgrace Ainz Ooal Gown. Demurige instead asks Cocytus to think of the various disadvantages that Ainz Ooal Gown set him up with in leading this army. He proposes that perhaps winning is not the goal of Ainz, but instead reminds him that Ainz wishes to test Cocytus in thinking for himself. Before he could elaborate further, Demiurge apologizes and cuts the call.
Faced with little options, Cocytus deploys Iguva=41. The elder lich easily dispatches the Head Warriors, causing the lizardmen in the battlefield to withdraw. The chieftains, seeing this obstacle from afar, deduce Iguva=41 to be the commander. Using Rororo as a shield, Zaryusu, Zenberu and Crusch engage the undead close enough for them to attack him. The elder lich summons Skeleton Warriors to combat his opponents. While Zenberu fought against the skeletons, Zaryusu and Crusch face off against Iguva=41. After freeing Zaryusu from Iguva=41’s fear spell, Crusch was attacked by the furious lich. Zaryusu engages the lich one on one. Unwilling to use Frost Pain’s area effect ability, as his comrades were too close, Zaryusu instead creates a mist around him. Iguva=41, unable to see him, lowers his guard allowing the lizardman to stab him in the skull. Iguva=41 attempts to choke Zaryusu, but succumbs to his wound. The death of Iguva=41 signals the undead army’s defeat and a victory for the lizardmen. Cocytus looks on in disbelief but also admiration of the display. Entoma then informs him that Ainz wishes to speak to him.

Overlord 2 Episode-4
The lizardmen tribes are celebrating their victory over Iguva=41 and the undead army. The chieftains discuss Frost Pain’s abilities and it’s wielder Zaryusu Shasha. Zenberu Gugu decides to go wake Zaryusu, who is resting after the battle. Inside a hut Zaryusu awakens and notices Crusch on top of him. They share a brief moment until Zenberu interrupts them. He sees them and decides to leave the embarrassed couple alone.
Meanwhile, in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz holds a meeting with his Guardians. He opens the meeting by welcoming and introducing Victim, Guardian of the 8th Floor, to the rest of the other Guardians. Ainz tells Victim that he intends to use his special ability should a person attack them with a World Item. Next, he turns to Demiurge. He asks about the sheep used to make scrolls. Demiurge gives them the name “Abelion Sheep” and describes them as two legged sheep beasts. Ainz surmises that they are a subspecies of Chimera and allows him to keep doing what he’s doing. After him, he turns to Shalltear, who is still depressed over her rebellion. Shalltear begs for a punishment over it which Ainz accepts and tells her that he will give her one later.
Lastly, he turns to Cocytus, who apologizes for his defeat against the lizardmen and is lambasted by Albedo. Ainz asks him why he lost. Cocytus admits that he had underestimated his foes and lacked information on them as well as the land topography. He also states that the undead army lacked commanders to give orders on the battlefield. Ainz is impressed and delighted at what he said but that he still needs to be punished for his defeat. Ainz orders Cocytus to exterminate the lizardmen alone as his punishment. However, he makes a request that the lizardmen be shown mercy which Albedo yells at him for. Ainz orders her to be silent and Cocytus states that the lizardmen are more beneficial to Nazarick alive rather than dead. He says that they are capable warriors and is against killing them for that reason. The idea is rejected at first initially, but Demiurge suggested an idea to Ainz that they can keep the lizardmen alive as an experiment to see if they can govern them without the use of fear. Ainz then accepts the idea and orders that Gargantua be activated and then he calls the meeting to a close. After the meeting with their master came to an end, Cocytus thanks Demiurge for his idea. Ainz returns to his chambers happy and realizes that someone has sprayed perfume on his bed.
Back at the lizardmen village, another undead army is spotted across the Great Lake and they notice the magical equipment that they carry. Crusch then notices that a sixth tier spell called control weather. Zenberu wonders if the “Great One” is there with them. They then watch a giant golem throw a cubed rock in the middle of the frozen lake. Then the skeletons form a staircase with their own bodies and a royal procession being formed as Ainz and his Guardians walk up to the top of the cubed rock and he sits on his throne. He sends messengers to the lizardmen asking them to send out a delegate to speak with him. Shasuryu and Zaryusu go out to meet them. They introduce themselves and Albedo orders Demiurge to make them bow down which he uses his skills to force them to bow down. Ainz then informs them that if they manage to defeat Cocytus in four hours in battle he will leave them alone. Shasuryu attempts to surrender but Ainz rejects it and leaves them after telling them that the ice will melt. He and his guardians exit by using a Gate after bidding them farewell and Demiurge releases them. After the meeting the tribal chieftains meet and decide to call their warriors to arms but Zaryusu wants only the five of them to fight which Crusch objects to but Zaryusu talks her out of it. He embraces her once more. She then asks him to impregnate her.

Overlord 2 Episode-5
After teleporting from the Great Lake, Victim takes his leave from his master and the rest of the Floor Guardians to return to guard Nazarick. At the newly built base in the Great Forest of Tob, Aura apologizes for its shabbiness, but Ainz Ooal Gown thinks it is satisfactory. Ainz also takes notice of a throne constructed out of bones, learning that it is a gift from Demiurge who offers it to him. Ainz hesitant to accept it and instead, orders Shalltear Bloodfallen to come forth and kneel to act as a chair for him. Although this act is supposed to serve as a punishment for her “rebellion” the vampire however, feels ecstasy and joy while the other Guardians, save Albedo, praise Ainz’s decision.
While so, Ainz decides to observe how the lizardmen reacted to his ultimatum. He uses the Mirror of Remote Viewing to observe their preparations. While shifting through the images, he comes across Zaryusu Shasha and Crusch Lulumating. Ainz is shocked and quickly cancels the magic. Despite the rest of the Guardians are disgusted at their actions, Ainz quickly gives an explanation that the lizardmen are doing it to keep one’s race alive from facing extinction.
At dawn and Cocytus awaits the lizardmen. To start the impending duel, the Nazarick Elder Guarders start clanging their weapons and feet in a rhythmic beat. Zaryusu, the chieftains, and several lizardmen warrior and their Swamp Elementals watch as Cocytus easily slashes several trees.
Cocytus greets then and before commencing the battle, he conjures two pillars of ice to create a makeshift gate. He declares those that cross the gate, will have their lives forfeit but gives the option for them to flee. All the elder lizardmen warriors and chieftains unanimously affirm their insistence to fight despite the odds and insist that the younger generation return to the village and live.
As the lizardmen charge at Cocytus, the Floor Guardian uses [Frost Aura] to encase most of the warriors in ice. The only ones left are the chieftains. Sukyu Juju and Kyuku Zuzu lead the attack. The former shooting at Cocytus with his slingshot while the latter continues the charge. Cocytus is protected by a shield, and thus, is immune to long range attacks. When Kyuku attempts to spear Cocytus, he is bisected by the God Slaying Emperor Blade.
On the other hand, Zenberu attempts to use his Martial Arts against Cocytus, but the monk’s attacks are easily deflected. Further, Cocytus would then cut off one of Zenberu’s arms. Zaryusu attempts to stab him with Frost Pain, but the Guardian catches the blade between his fingers. Cocytus uses his tail to swat the traveler away. The two lizardmen are saved when Shasuryu Shasha uses healing magic on them. Additionally, the Swamp Elementals tries to put up a fight against Cocytus, yet they end up being destroyed with a quick slash.
Afterwards, Sukyu tries attacking Cocytus again but to no avail. Seeing his attacks annoying, Cocytus uses [Piercing Icicles] and kills him. The next to fall is Zenberu when he tries to rush towards the Guardian, only to succeed in decapitating himself.
Cocytus seeing that Shasuryu and Zaryusu are left, parsing them for surviving for as long as they have. The two brother exchange words of encouragement before resuming their fight with Cocytus. Cocytus respecting his opponent asks them to declare their names to him. After the introductions are done, Shasuryu uses magic to manipulate the mud to attack him, but are rebuffed by Cocytus’s defenses. Later, Zaryusu uses [Icy Burst] to cloak the area in mist. The older brother attempts to strike Cocytus with his blade and is killed. Zaryusu is the last one to attack, to which Cocytus easily catches his blade once again. However, the blade begins slipping from Coctyus’s grasp. Frost Pain had been coated with blood and as it slides closer to Cocytus’s chest, he declares the tactic to be magnificent. Unfortunately, the blade is blocked by Cocytus’s passive ability and Zaryusu is later slain.
Cocytus is praised by his master who designates him as the ruler of the Lizardmen. Cocytus asks what will be done with the slain lizardmen to which Ainz responds that they will be used to create undead. However, Cocytus states that would be a waste as the lizardmen possess a warrior’s spirit that can contribute to Nazarick. Ainz surprised at Cocytus’s input decides to accept it. Later, Cocytus then brings the last remaining chieftain Crusch Lulu before Ainz. Being the lizardmen’s representative, Crusch declares the tribes’ official surrender and allegiance to their ruler.
Ainz offers Crusch a chance to bring Zaryusu from the dead, but in return, the albino must act as Nazarick’s spy amongst her people and be on the lookout for possible rebellion.
Zaryusu awakens to find Crusch hugging him and Ainz Ooal Gown commenting on his successful return from the dead. Zaryusu is weak yet in awe by the revelation that Ainz possesses such power. Zaruyus and Crusch prostate themselves before Ainz acknowledging him as a Supreme Being. Just as Ainz leaves, Zaryusu makes a request that his comrades be resurrected. Ainz considers the request and tells him to preserve the body. The episode ends with Zaryusu eventually succumbing to his ordeal and collapsing in Crusch’s arms.
Overlord 2 Episode-6
Sebas Tian enters the Magician’s Guild inside the royal capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Re-Estize. He asks the clerk about a spell in the directory and the clerk tells him that it is a 1st tier spell called Floating Board, which is used to transport items. Sebas Tian leaves after buying a magic scroll and walks outside the building. He decides to walk to a different part of city and tells his shadow demon to tell Solution Epsilon that he will be late. As he is walking through the alleyways he spots a man throwing a sack out his door. The man walks back into his house and Sebas has his shadow demon cut open the sack’s knot and he begins to walk by it, but a hand grabs his ankle and he looks to see a badly bruised arm grabbing him. Sebas Tian sees that it is a woman that is inside the sack. He politely asks her to let go of him, but when he is met with silence, he then asks if she needs assistance. The man who threw the sack out comes back and asks Sebas what he is doing. Sebas grabs the man by the shirt and demands who the woman is. The man states that she is one of his employees. But Sebas does not believe him due to the woman’s injuries. Sebas decides to take her with him, but the man protests by saying that if Sebas Tian take her he’ll be killed by the criminal organization called Eight Fingers. Sebas gives the man money to flee the country before taking the woman with him back to the mansion.
Back at the mansion Solution greets Sebas and notices that he is carrying a human. She asks Sebas about the severely injured woman and he says that he found her and asks Solution to assess her condition. Sebas leaves and wonders why he saved the woman and if Touch Me’s view of helping people is a curse or not. Sometime later, Solution returns and tells Sebas that the woman has syphilis and two other diseases, several cracked ribs and fingers, tendons in her arm and leg torn, her teeth had been forcefully pulled, an anal fissure, and that she may be addicted to some form of drug. Sebas asks Solution to heal the woman. Solution asks if it is alright to call Pestonya Shortcake Wanko. Sebas refuses and tells Solution to use the healing scrolls she possesses. She hesitates at first but ultimately complies and asks if Ainz should be notified which Sebas refuses to do. Sebas leaves to go buy food while Solution heals the woman. Solution notes that she could eat her before Sebas returns but she ultimately dosen’t do it.
When Sebas returns with food, the woman is awake and fully healed. Sebas serves her the food which she thanks him for and eats quickly. Sebas informs the woman that he will protect her and comforts her when she cries. He then asks for her name. She says her name is Tsuare and Sebas gives her his name. Sebas leaves to give Tsuare time to rest. He encounters Solution in the hallway who asks if there will be any problems regarding Tsuare but Sebas says he will handle any that comes their way.
Meanwhile, Brain Unglaus wakes up from a nightmare about Shalltear Bloodfallen. He goes downstairs to meet Gazef Stronoff who found him and brought him back to his house. They speak on how they met among other things. Brain then tells Gazef that there are things stronger than both of them and begins to leave. But Gazef demands that he come back and eat something.
At night, guards are patrolling a field when they are stabbed and turned into undead by Tia and Tina. Evileye then appears and speaks to them for a moment before she proceeds with her part in the plan. Tia and Tina burn the field that is filled with drugs as Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Gagaran watch the fire and wonder about the safety of the nearby villagers and Gagaran notes that they have to burn another field. Tia and Tina rejoin them and they speak for awhile before Evileye returns with a piece of parchment that contains a lead on Eight Fingers.
Meanwhile, the Eight Fingers hold a meeting and discuss their business. Hilma Cygnaeus, leader of the drug trade department, is asked about one of her fields being attacked. She says that it might effect negatively on her distribution. Zero, head of the security department, offers to help guard the fields but Hilma refuses. Cocco Doll, head of the slave trade, asks Zero to do a task for him. He asks Zero to retrieve a woman who was supposed to be disposed of which Zero accepts.


Overlord 2 Episode-7
Ainz Ooal Gown in his Momon disguise is busy counting his pay earned from the adventurer quests he completed. After dividing the spoils to his subordinates and projects, Ainz laments how very little is left. Narberal Gamma arrives to report she has acquired the samples of ore which Ainz plans to test using the Exchange Box.
The scene switches to Climb training. He is joined by Gazef Stronoff who offers to spar with him. Gazef mentions he wishes to savor some time with a friend as if it weren’t for a merciful magic caster, he would not be present to spar with Climb. Gazef tells Climb the name of Ainz Ooal Gown for the young bodyguard to commit to memory. The two parry blades with each other, however Climb is no match for the Warrior Captain, becoming exhausted in the end. Climb is told he lacks talent but should continue to gain experience. For his hard work Gazef gives Climb a potion to heal himself. As Climb leaves out of earshot, Gazef tells his Vice Captain that Climbs power is, as Adventurers would say, “capped at gold” thus limiting how much stronger he could be going forward.
Climb returns to the palace, and encounters Marquis Raeven and Prince Zanac. Zanac sarcastically greets Climb asking if he is going to see his sister who he refers a ‘monster’. Climb is annoyed by Zanac insulting his lady, Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. He respectfully declares Renner to be a compassionate person dismisses the Prince’s warning about her ‘other’ personality. Zanac still asks Climb to pass on a message to Renner. He warns that their older brother Barbro plans on using Renner as a political marriage chip. Wheras Zanac offers, if Renner comes to his side, he will allow her to retire to the frontier once he becomes king.
Climb arrives at Renner’s chambers where he find her drinking tea with her friend, Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, who introduces him to Tina from Blue Roses. There, Renner is shown the document Blue Roses retrieved from the raid on Eight Fingers’ drug plantation and easily deciphers the message determining it is a list of various locations throughout the capital city. It’s believed that the locations are Eight Fingers affiliates, but Lakyus notices the underground brothel isn’t on the list. Though slavery has recently been abolished by the Re-Estize Kingdomthanks to Renner’s reforms, Eight Fingers maintains one brothel that uses slaves. She proposes that Blue Roses target it, however Renner is hesitant to include Climb in danger. Lakyus asks Climb to inform Tia, Evileye and Gagaran of their findings. Unbeknownst to Climb, as he leaves two maids have been eavesdropping and are in league with Nobles allied to Eight Fingers.
Meanwhile, Sebas Tian returns to the mansion and is greeted by Tsuare serving as a maid. He asks her what is for dinner, she says stew and potatoes. Seeing her nervousness Sebas assures her that her cooking is delicious, causing her to blush. Solution Epsilon asks Sebas if they should inform Ainz that they have accepted a human as a maid, to which he rebuttals not to inform their master of their new addition, citing it to be frivolous news. At teh end of their conversation, the mansion front door is knocked on by two strangers.
The two enter the mansion and introduce themselves as Staffan Heivish, a patrol officer of the law and Succulent, who is a representative filing a complaint against Lady Solution. Solution nonchalantly retires and orders her butler to handle it. During the talks, it’s learned that Succulent is a representative of the brothel that claims that Sebas kidnapped one of their employees. Stafan holds Sebas as guilty for the thief despite the circumstances of the girl’s condition at the time. He offers clemency, but it is merely more extortion of money. He warns Sebas that he will have one day to return the girl to Succulent. After they leave Solution asks how will he wishes to proceed, Sebas replies that he wishes to take a stroll. Once Sebas leaves the mansion, Solution decides to call Ainz. She reports that Sebas Tian may have gone rogue and confirms she has evidence to prove it.

Overlord 2 Episode-8
Climb heads to the inn where Gagaran and Evileye are staying at. He informs the duo Lakyus wants both of them to mobilize for a raid on a brothel housing slaves. They discuss power as they note Climb’s training, and mention Lakyus’ Kilineiram, which once belonged to the Dark Knight of the Thirteen Heroes which is demonic in nature. Gagaran also remembers the moments she walked in on Lakyus debating with the blade, as she was ‘fighting’ the dark influence to maintain control over it, but was more than strong enough to be responsible with it.
As the conversation goes on, Evileye informs the both of them of the new adamantite adventurer team based over in E-Rantel: warrior Momon and caster Nabe, with The Wise King of the Forest as a pet, leaving Gagaran astounded by their reported feats. Climb wishes to be capable of such strength someday, but Evileye advise him to go his own pace, and not to lose his humanity in pursuit of power.
Meanwhile, Brain Unglaus is still living in the attic of Gazef’s home and goes out to runs errands for him, and goes past a crowd watching a group of drunk men assaulting a boy for simply bumping into them; Climb also goes by the crowd and moves to stop the matter. Whereas Brain walks away viewing it as not his problem, he turns when he notices Sebas’ incredible movements and goes to see the incident. Both witness Sebas move with skill and speed to resolve the matter in one punch. Climb moves in to give a healing potion to the boy, and sees Sebas walking away.
They separately follow the butler into an alleyway, where Climb enthusiastically asks Sebas for a quick lesson in strength after witnessing him recently. Sebas examines his hands and sword, noting it is the young man’s reserve weapon due to a slight ding on the blade edge. He sees Climb as trustworthy and decides giving him a lesson: how to overcome fear of death. By flooding Climb’s sense with killing intent, Climb dodges at the last possible instance by overcoming his fear, by thinking of Renner. Sebas congratulates Climb for surviving, as the shock alone would have killed him. When Climb asked who Sebas was, he merely said he was an old man who knew how to handle himself. Sebas, wanting to give another lesson, is interrupted by a panicked Brain, who having witnessed this around the corner, is moved by Climb’s ability to overcome intense fear, and asks to also learn from Sebas.
However, the trio are beset by five assassins sent by Succulent. Sebas downs three of them alone, leaving the last two to be handled by Brain and Climb. The young duo note that Sebas’ strength is incredible, maybe even beyond the power of Brain and Gazef combined. Sebas uses their fight as a teaching moment to instruct Climb to be aware of his fear to keep himself alive, but not be dictated by it, and the boy musters strength to use the Martial Art: Slash to incapacitate the last standing assassin, whereas Brain finished moments earlier. With their attackers downed, Sebas uses a skill to easily interrogate one of them on where to find Succulent and Eight Fingers. Climb is sickened to learn criminals are finding loopholes in the law to keep slaves, and wishes to aid his new comrades in storming the hideout. The trio move together out of a grown respect for each other, and they head for Succulent’s brothel which happens to be the exact same place Sebas rescued Tuare from.

Overlord 2 Episode-9
Sebas, Brain and Climb arrive at the brothel and use two entryways: the front door to the main brothel, and the side entrance to the underground storage area. Climb and Brain take the latter door, while Sebas charges the front. Sebas forewarns the duo that if needed, he will kill the opposition inside. They both understand, only asking that the leaders of Eight Fingers, Cocco Doll and Succulent must be captured alive.
Sebas easily removes the steal door, knocks away the guards, and comes across Staffan Heivish, mercilessly assaulting a slave girl for sexual pleasure. Upon seeing the gruesome sight, Sebas intensely slaps Staffan into a bloody state, and after the Constable pleas for mercy with money, Sebas concludes that he is unworthy of life and kicks him in half.
Brain and Climb locate a trap door (courtesy of items by Gagaran) leading to the underground storage. While Brain scouts further, Climb stand watch, but encounters Coco Doll and Succulent arrive by a hidden passage in front of the him. Succulent uses his illusion magic to gravely injure Climb, until Brain returns and defeats him with his God Slash Technique.
The trio are successful in apprehending the two members of Eight Fingers, and return to their respective homes. Brain returns to Gazef’s home and the two have dinner, discussing Climb’s progress and Shalltear Bloodfallen. Sebas returns to the manor, only for Solution to be in her Pleiades attire, telling him that Ainz is waiting for him inside. Climb returns to Princess Renner, who is pleased that he is safe. After Climb retires for the night, Renner calls in the maid that she knows is spying on her to tell her about how amazing Climb was- only for her to actually plan on killing the maid for disrespecting Climb within her ears.
Late at night, Zero gathers the remaining members of Six Arms, to search the perpetrators of the raid on the brothel for opposing the Eight Fingers.

Overlord 2 Episode-10
Sebas Tian is called before Ainz Ooal Gown, who has brought with him Demiurge, Victim, and Cocytus. Seeing Sebas sweating, Ainz tosses a handkerchief to his feet. Solution Epsilon brings Tsuare per Ainz’s orders. Demiurge readies to use Controller Magic on her, but Ainz permits her to stand of her own will as she is brave enough to look Ainz straight in the face. Given that Sebas was ordered to be discreet in his information gathering but has brought unwanted attention, Ainz will forgive him if he kills Tsuare. Stunned by this order at first, he seriously attacks her as she readies herself for death and fully trusting of him. Mid-attack, Cocytus blocks him as this was a test, confirming to Ainz that the attack was unquestionably a killing blow as ordered, proving Sebas’ loyalty is unfeigned. Determining that enough information was gathered, Ainz declares the mission complete and vacates with Victim to Nazarick.
Sebas does not offer an apology to Tsuare, instead offering to petition his master for memory alteration magic for her to live peacefully among humans. However, she does not wish to leave, as her life was small and difficult. Even growing up, she was always hungry as the feudal lord of her land took most of the crops grown, leaving her people with next to nothing. But serving under him & his kindness, she wants to continue as a maid so long as she can still be with him. Sebas then decides to ask Ainz to allow Tsuare to continue under his care as a maid in Nazarick, but only if she has no human world attachments. Tsuare’s only attachment is her little sister. Sebas goes to petition Ainz, and before he goes, Tsuare kisses him.
Sebas returns to the meeting room, teased by Demiurge for his flushed face. Ainz returns, asking if Demiurge is satisfied by the test. As Sebas wanted to overwrite her memories, Demiurge proposes killing her for making certain no knowledge of them is leaked; which is rejected by Ainz, not wanting to kill needlessly with nothing to gain from it. When discussing where to have her, Sebas opts to have her serve as his maid- stunning the others in the room. As Sebas pleads his case, Demiurge is quick to point the negatives of his decision and as they argue, Momonga remembers Touch Me and Ulbert Alain Odle arguing over which mission with the best drop rate to take on. Returning to the present, Cocytus interjects that the both of them stop arguing in front of Ainz, but he is happy for this nostalgic bickering. As he laughs, the same aura that quells him asserts, and he calmly asks for Tsuare to return to pass his decision.
When seeing her resemblance & hearing her full name, Ainz asks if she desires to move to the great tomb- she would if Sebas were there. Ainz decides she will be a provisional maid, removing Sebas as the Pleiades Leader, and activate Aureole Omega to take over. All sentries withdraw and Tsuare is granted the protection of Ainz’s name. Before their departure, Demiurge requests grain for the omnivore, Abelion Sheep and Ainz has Sebas procure the supply from the capital. Alone, Demiurge asks if Ainz knew the girl, replying he knew her sister and has her diary which provided him with a greater knowledge of the New World, feeling indebted and wanting to repay her kindness by protecting Tsuare. Demiurge lastly requests Ainz to examine a location, under the belief it will bring benefit to Nazarick.
The next morning, Sebas and Solution are off to acquire the grain for Demiurge, leaving Tsuare alone to tend to the mansion. Elsewhere, Princess Renner holds a meeting on the Eight Fingers with Blue Rose, as Climb helped capture Cocco Doll, head of the slave trade division. Due to such a blow to the syndicate, the raids are scheduled for the same day so as to attack Eight Fingers while they’re still vulnerable. As the time table is shortened, Renner brings in Marquis Raeven alongside Prince Zanac for enlisting soldiers for the raids. Her eldest brother, Barbro has a drug trade stash with Eight Fingers, they now have eight raids to plan; and as Six Arms are Adamantite level fighters, Marquis Raeven asks to bring in another Adamantite Team; Renner also shows she had an ace as well, Gazef Stronoff.
By day’s end, Sebas and Solution return to the manor, finding a note by Six Arms that states that they took Tsuare to their base, demanding Sebas come alone. Solution reminds Sebas of Ainz’s decree, and the Pleiades message their master. As Ainz is preoccupied, he relays to Albedo to send support to Sebas. While she questions saving an inferior being like a human, Ainz had promised her his protection in his name, and demands support; Albedo relents and moves to send reinforcements for Demiurge to command onsite. After communications to Ainz end, Albedo to herself finds his renamed self after the guild to be ridiculous. With the guild flag on the floor, and the original Momonga banner on the wall.

Overlord 2 Episode-11
Demiurge gathers the Pleiades, Mare and Shalltear. Sebas, not part of the majority of the plan following the rescue of Tsuare, leaves the room for them to discuss their mission for destroying Eight Fingers. Demiurge has Entoma display a holographic image of an individual that is off limits to all in the squadron especially Shalltear, due to her bloodlust and habit of playing with her prey. Concluding his plan, Demiurge receives contact from a Shadow Demon that an eighth base has been located, and sends Mare with Entoma to go there. Fearing that Ainz might grow weary of the Floor Guardiansshould they fail him again, Demiurge finalizes the operation and vows that failure is not an option.
In the Royal Encampment, Climb applies a stealth coating to his Mythril Armor so as to move in the night. He gathers with other Squad Captains to hear Blue Rose reviewing the overall plan for the raid on Eight Fingers. Gagaran greets Climb and Brain, who says Gagaran wanted to make sure Climb was safe with him. Brain and Gagaran joke about, and she leaves a positive impression on Brain.
Arriving at one of the designated hideouts, Lockmeier deactivates his invisibility to give a report: five members of Six Arms are inside, and a girl is held captive in a cell. Due to Six Arms being present, the group believe they should fall back, but stop as they see Sebas arriving. Both parties explain their situations and adjust the plan: Sebas will directly handle Six Arms and focusing the security to the front door, while Climb, Brain and Lockmeier covertly infiltrate the stronghold.
As Sebas enters the front gate, he is welcomed by four, not five, of the remaining Six Arms. Surrounded by Eight Fingers subordinates with their rich patrons viewing tonight’s entertainment overhead. Sebas asks if Zero is up there, and when they affirm it, Sebas points for Solution to scout the balcony. Six Arms, misinterpreting this gesture, state it will do him no good as they will make him suffer, whereas Sebas counters that if they attack him at all once they may survive at least ten seconds. As they introduce themselves, Sebas is immediately angered by Davernoch’s title of “Undead King” as he is an inferior undead, and instantly blows his head off; following with decapitating Edström, and punching Peshurian’s head clean off, and finally killing the frightened Malmvist. Causing a fright amidst the Eight Fingers subordinates, Solution relays to Sebas that Zero is not among the partons on the balcony, and Sebas gives himself another ten seconds to slaughter the henchmen. All the while: Brain, Climb and Lockmeier infiltrate the stronghold with no issues, and reach the cell holding Tsuare.
Elsewhere, Hilma wakes up from sleeping, and finds her manor encased in shrubbery. Behind her stands Mare, who asks if she is the most important person in the manor. Hilma affirms this, trying to affectionately get answers from Mare; but as Mare is relived to having found her, Hilma is frightened due to Entoma in a corner eating the twitching arm of one of her dead servants. Mare shatters her leg and drags her away by the hair, leaving Entoma to empty the manor of valuables. As Entoma snacks on the severed arm, Gagaran arrives behind her, asking what she’s eating; shocked at the sight, Gagaran readies to fight. While Entoma offers a parley, Gagaran cannot do so as an adventurer. When Gagran shatters the ground, loose debris scuffs Entoma’s attire; enraged at the disrespect of something granted to her by the Supreme Beings, Entoma fights seriously. She summons Blade Bug, and nearly kills Gagaran, but Tia arrives to save her. As the Blue Rose duo fight Entoma, they have difficulty with her array of insect-themed magics. Entoma replaces Blade Bug with Whip Millipede and overpowers them, until Evileye arrives.
Evileye offends Entoma for her appearance and says she’s weaker than Evileye, causing the insectoid maid to go into a frenzied attack. Evileye frees Gagaran to heal Tia’s wounds, as she battles Entoma. When Entoma unleashes a swarm, Evileye seeing her magic similar to that of an Demon God, uses Vermin Bane and poisons Entoma. Entoma’s face falls off, and her lip bug dies, causing her original voice to assert; causing Gagaran to taunt her, sending Entoma with her true form into a blood lust. Gagaran knocks Entoma away, but the clash between her armor and the amid uniform causes her concern. The trio then use an onslaught of their strongest attacks and spells to wear Entoma down.
With the maid out of stamina and no more bugs in her arsenal, Tia moves in for the kill. But, Jaldabaoth appears to save Entoma, and has her flown away by a carrier bug. Evileye, warns her comrades to flee with the utmost haste, but Jaldabaoth attacks and withstands each of Evileye’s magics. Using his Hellfire Wall, he hits Tia and Gagaran killing them unintentionally, even offering condolences to Evileye. He used the spell based on the standard of Evileye’s power, but is surprised by the difference in their weakness. Enraged, Evileye attacks but is unable to do any point of damage on the demon. Deciding to fight him, Evileye is stopped when Momon arrives, landing in between her and Jaldabaoth, and asks which one of them is his foe.

Overlord 2 Episode-12
As Momon demands to know who his enemy is, Evileyestates her name and rank to identify herself as an ally and requests a team up. Reluctant to ask him because of the difference in power to Jaldabaoth, Momon accepts without hesitation. Jaldabaoth and Momon introduce themselves, and by the dialogue Evileye infers Momon is gathering intelligence on Jaldabaoth. When peaceful resolution cannot be met, the two powerhouses clash, which stirs a heartbeat in Evileye.
As they continue Jaldabaoth uses an aerial attack on Evileye, but Momon steps in to deflect the attack. A small parasite breaches his shoulder plate, but Momon brushes it off as insignificant. Momon takes Evileye- fangirling in his arms- to safety as Jaldabaoth falls back to continue his original objective. The demon warns Momon that should he follow, the demonic flames encircling the sector of the city will be the death of him. When Evileye urges pursuit, Momon argues against it as it would mean fighting seriously against a flying demon with incredible power; which Evileye takes as he is protecting her.
Elsewhere in the Royal Capital, Brain, Climb and Lockmeier escort Tsuare from the holding cell, but Brain’s instincts have him on edge. When they round a corner, they are trapped by Zero himself, who downs Lockmeier with a punch to his chest. Seeing Brain in person, knowing Succulent was outclassed, Zero offers mercy if Brain kneels and serves Six Arms. Brain deals with Zero, but informs Climb and Lockmeier that Tsuare is really Succulent using illusion casting. As Brain fights Zero, his blade is deflected by Zero’s fists due to the latter’s Monk Class. With Succulent using illusion clones, Lockmeier uses an item to reveal the real one so Climb can attack. Climb uses his own martial art he learned from his training with Sebas, and overpowers Succulent with a power kick to his groin.
Zero, displeased by Succulent’s loss, offers a more powered battle with Brain; both use their strongest techniques, but Brain’s God Slash and Whistling Wind requires him to be still in a circle whereas Zero can punch the air for an attack. As they dialogue, Sebas arrives, shocking Zero who is in disbelief that his subordinates could have lost or the butler getting as far as he did without any damage. Climb informs Sebas the Tsuare they found was a fake, but the real Tsuare is behind Sebas. Enraged, Zero pauses his battle with Brain to fight Sebas, using his strongest Monk attack to strike Sebas’s center mass. Sebas is unfazed, while Brain, Climb and Lockmeier are left speechless by such a powerful fortification from the butler. Sebas nonchalantly counters with a drop heel kick, caving Zero’s head in; his dying breath in asking who Sebas really is. In order to relieve suspicion from the trio, Sebas mentions he is “just the slightest bit stronger” and the group moves on.
After Nabe arrives at the manor, Evileye gives a report of their encounter with the insect maid and how she nearly killed her. Both are enraged, but as Entoma survived due to Jaldabaoth’s intervention, Momon suggests that the demon arrived because Blue Rose attacked his servant. Evileye in hindsight partly agrees, but as the maid was not as powerful as the demon nor likely aware of the demon’s plans, she feels it was still right to battle the insect maid. Momon agrees with her assessment and apologizes. Evileye then internally has the first girlish thoughts she had in centuries since being a vampire.
Momon and Nabe talk in private that, because Demiurge’s plan is so precise, the slightest miscommunication could derail everything back to square one. While Nabe is in awe of his planning, in truth Momon only came to the capital by the request of Marquis Raeven to raid Eight Fingers since the reward money was exceptionally high. And since the ‘disturbance’ was in effect, he would alo use the opportunity to boost his own fame. Momon has Nabe message Demiurge as he can’t use magic in his suit, and Evileye has her attention mostly on him, thinking it was from his momentary anger from hearing about Entoma. Concluding their talk, Nabe messages Demiurge.
Thinking over the recent events, Momon concludes Evileye is not simply a child with an adamantite ranking. Momon offers to help carry her fallen friends, but Evileye mentions that her team leader Lakyus will be here shortly with her 5th Tier Resurrection Magic ‘Raise Dead’, but the magic would cause her comrades to be unfit for combat for a time. As Momon would like to meet Lakyus (because of her magic), Evileye gets flustered over the idea (making Momon think she is suspicious); he diffuses the problem that he would like to meet a senior adventurer, leaving Evileye flushed. Nabe points in the distance the Flames of Gehenna standing kilometers tall encircling the city.
As Sebas and the group exit the Eight Fingers base victorious, Climb asks what is Sebas’ next move. The butler will take Tuare to a safe location to prevent a repeat of recent events, and promises to repay Climb for what he did today. In the distance, Climb also sees the wall of flames. Everyone in the city of Re-Estize can see the flames, and Princess Renner calls for an emergency summit of adventurers. Lakyus reports the fires cause no damage, and there are demons on the other side. Renner informs the adventurers of Jaldabaoth and his power- using one attack to kill two adamantite adventurers, making the battle against him all the more difficult. Evileye presents Momon to the summit, as he was able to fight Jaldabaoth on a relatively equal footing; leading Renner to detail her operation. Brain, Climb and Lockmeier join a group to rescue civilians. After the summit, Gazef lends Climb his ring, with the power to boost his abilities, that he was given by Rigrit in the hopes he will return alive.
Zanac and Raeven are with Renner looking at her plan, impressed she will be using adventurers as the brunt of the force while having Momon, Nabe, and Evileye as the arrow to pierce through to the center area to battle Jaldabaoth. But the two point out that Climb is likely to die; Renner is aware of this as if he does, Lakyus can resurrect him, and in his weakened state Renner can keep him close and in her loving care. In affirmation, Renner shows her true face, disturbing both her brother and the Marquis.


Overlord 2 Episode-13
As Prince Zanac rallies the citizens, the Adventurer Coalition moves in to rescue the captured civilians in the residential sector, while the royal guards hold back a wave of demons until Momon is dropped in by Nabe and Evileye to be rid of the monsters. Momon urges the guards to move to protect the Re-Estize citizens who are vulnerable.
Brain, Climb and Lockmeier use the battle of the adventurers and demons to investigate the warehouse area for captured civilians, Brain manages to spot a disguised Shalltear and goes to battle her in order to give his comrades time from the monster. Upon encountering the vampire, Shalltear is unable to remember him due to her resurrection; but Brain takes it as she can’t remember him since she views him as insignificant. Brain uses his Field martial art, and Shalltear walks into it, but this time Brain’s new mentality from Sebas allows him to aim for and cut her fingernail with Four Fold Slash of Light, a weakened version of Gazef Stronoff’s Six Fold Slash of Light. While Shalltear is mildly impressed calling him a “Nail Clipper,” Brain is overjoyed, realizing he has reached a new level of strength from having his friends in his heart. He then runs, but Shalltear notices Climb and Lockmeier, remembering the order from Demiurge gave her. So she lets them flee; Brain tells them while hiding that Shalltear can match Sebas in strength, and he successfully cut her fingernail. While Brain knows the meaning of this, Climb and Lockmeier hesitantly congratulate him. They use this chance to continue running.
As Momon, Nabe, and Evileye reach Jaldabaoth, they see his five Masked Demon Maids. While the female adventurers handle the maids, Momon battles Jaldabaoth. Evileye fights Alpha and Delta, while Nabe fights Beta, Epsilon, and Zeta. As Evileye fights Alpha and Delta, Alpha is resistant to her Shard Buckshot and continuously using Orb Shielding to protect herself from Delta’s long-range rifle fire. Deploying a mini sandstorm, Evileye is surprised that the Demon Maids know how to team up and reinforce each other. Alpha, unfazed by the sand, finds and attacks Evileye, cracking her mask. Evileye, seeing the two maids she fights are resistant to all her stun attacks, gets airborne to rethink her strategy. Lakyus fights off wave after wave of demon hordes while support mages heal wounded adventurers, but Gazef arrives with the King’s personal army to venture in and personally help his subjects. Gagran and Tia, despite the level loss, want to fight to regain their experience and protect those around them. As Brain, Climb and Lockmeier find a warehouse of civilians, the people plead for their taken loved ones; confirming the Princess’ theory of separating families.
Elsewhere, Demiurge and Ainz speak in private in an abandoned building to discuss Demiurge’s Four-Part Plan. Ainz pretends he only saw three parts (however he was completely in the dark of it all); Demiurge elaborates in full. First Part- covertly steal all the goods and raw materials from Re-Estize without detection to cover for supplies Momon couldn’t attain. Second- to mask their retaliation against Eight Fingers, and to place an item of great power with Eight Fingers so the evidence would point to them summoning Jaldabaoth; the Armageddon Evil Statue created by Demiurge’s creator. Instead of leaving such a great item, Ainz bestows onto a grateful Demiurge the prototype of the statue for the plan. They will use the narrative thus created by the first two steps to hide their involvement. Third- to take their captured humans from within the capital back to Nazarick for experimentation and other uses; Ainz, while uncaring to humans, orders Demiurge to grant those who show Nazarick and himself the due respect a merciful end. Lastly- to place all blame on Jaldabaoth so as to also boost the name of Adventurer Momon.
As Evileye fights on, Narberal is actually talking with her sisters. Beta, impressed by her holding up, wants to know her name, but Narberal didn’t bother to remember. Epsilon recalls her name from the report by Sebas when he was in Re-Estize. Narberal asks if they actively recall names: Solution does so out of remembering specific screams and out of the need for her espionage skills; Beta gets along well with the folks in Carne Village, and Entoma doesn’t see it as an issue. Narberal is surprised, but when Mare gives the Earthquake signal, the maids get back to the act and have to injure Nabe to sell the story of the disturbance; apologizing in advance. Evileye regroups with Nabe, and Jaldabaoth is thrust into the scene. Momon, now finally getting to fight seriously, battles the demon. While airborne, Momon uses a Fire Item, to no avail, and attacks right at the demon, but his right-handed blade is destroyed by Hell Flames. Seeing a chance to use a new weapon, Momon deploys his Frost Pain Modified and nullifies Jaldabaoth’s Hell Flames. Jaldabaoth calls for a retreat and wishes to end their battle; Evileye is against it, but Momon agrees. Jaldabaoth insults her intelligence and elaborates that he has his forces to take the whole capital if he can’t leave, so his retreat saves lives and he may also be allowed to leave. The Demon takes his leave, and with that, the disturbance comes to an end.
Overjoyed, Evileye jumps and hugs Momon for defeating repelling Jaldabaoth. The adventurers and soldiers gather where Momon is and hale him a hero of the Kingdom. The next day, Momon and Nabe depart for E-Rantel, with Marquis Raeven thanking them for their service. As they leave, Evileye is sad that he must go. Elsewhere, Aura decrees that the remaining Eight Fingers operatives are now servants to Ainz Ooal Gown. While some are resisting, Hilma urges the Dark Elf Twins to let her mull them over to make them loyal out of fear of not wanting to return to being torture by Kyouhukou. Aura allows it, affirming they now control half of the country. In the palace, Climb relays to Renner that those rescued want to thank her, and when she wishes to see those people, Climb declines for a reason, but stops when he notices a moment of change in Renner; the Princess accepts this and moves on. At night, Blue Rose and Brain are having a meal together in the tavern, while Evileye’s friends recount how Rigrit humiliated her in combat to make her join. Gagaran then remembers that Evileye can teleport, and if she had gone with Momon in the morning to E-Rantel, she could have established a fast travel point and visit him whenever she wanted. Evileye realizes this and freaks out.
Back in Nazarick, Pestonya introduces Tsuare to the Homunculus Maids as a new recruit. Sebas reminds Pestonya to have Tsuare’s training be accommodating to her human status; Pestonya acknowledges, stating her maid status is temporary until she marries much of the butler’s discomfort. Ainz returns to Nazarick and sits on his throne. Meanwhile, in the Baharuth Empire, Fluder Paradyne informs Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix that, on his investigation of Ainz Ooal Gown, he concludes the magic caster is greater than or equal to his level of magical power. While wishing to meet Ainz personally, Fluder is also ordered by the Emperor to investigate Adamantite Adventurer Momon as well.

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