I finished all achievements and was wondering if there could be more achievements


There should be more for higher ranked/level players to do so they have something to work towards @Sarah247 do you like this idea.


thats great pretty good yah we need more things to do


GG! You are one high achiever :grin:


Alrighty… I don’t presently like melee weapons, but there is an achievement called melee weapon kill.
I equipped my legendary backbreaker and a epic redwall.
I went to the first mission and finished him using the 2 weapon combo. Didnt use anything else(NO weapon,hook,charge,stomp etc).
But I didn’t get the achievement.
Next I tried using only one weapon but still didn’t get the achievement .
@Sarah247 am I doing anything wrong?


You need kill enemy after you win him( on “finish him” scene and choose a sword kill)


Ahh… okay



You are speaking an idea…
Please go at idea topic.
Thank you.
But yeah gongrat’s.


the idea is to have more achievements for the higher level players so they have something to work towards.


Ok but…
If YOU CAN move to the idea topic.
Im not making you mad im just wondering if you could.


Oh i understand you know sorry i miss read what you were saying


No worries…everyone make’s mistake’s
Like me…everytime…


There done i fixed it hope @Sarah247 sees this


Why not a few achievements after they got completed, could be resetted to get the reward again, AFTER completting again what’s needed (for those who will say that rewards could be farmed, I think they aren’t game changer…)

Exemple: you got the “Win 1000 arena battle” for a premium box, you can reset it once you collected your reward, and then you’ll have to win 1000 others battle to get again the premium box…

(and it would be possible only with the most “difficult” achievements…)


You do not get a premium box the first time you win 1000 arena battle anyway but i see what you are saying.