I feel something wrong

Hello all, i feel i should say something about us,

I just joined the community and see some bad topics about our members, that is why i wanted to say something about 4E.

since when 4E created it was 2010, I’ve played with that family and atm I am commanding 4E with everyone votes.

We are deciding everything together and when we gonna play an era, i am always planting even i am bussy or not.


I saw someone using our name on anotherworlds which is we are not playing at that time and might they did something wrong.
Ppls finding problems on 4E about that but thou that will be not fairly couse;

  • 4E Family when we decide playing an era I am giving task for everyone and doesn’t matter whoever is commanding that era, i am always next to him or her even i am not playing, i am supporting as sub or something.

This topic created couse of i see some my good friends upset on that issue but i am saying that noobs whoever used our name was not our members and none can create real 4E without ask ministers.

So dear allies and enemies pls notice whenever see 4E, if its real 4E i should be there, sub or main does not matter but if i am not there,
it should be fake…

Kind Regards for everyone

be safe if you are not playing againts us


Leader of 4E


omg you r here

finally -.-

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oh no. 4e clown noobs are here

4E is always the best

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None other than SON OSMANLI himself biji biji

has 4e ever actually been good at BD? so far all i have seen is noobs.

go kaen find a ppl for jeer who has an anime avatar

here has nothing to u can eat :blush: