I enabled the base update! So sad!

Tacticsoft made the base update screen appears more often. I am very alert with the enable button, one day i accidently press the enable button and get the update that i don’t want in main account.
So sad! :cry:


do it

no balls

I dare you


this base thing is something i did not want enabled, so i made sure it was disabled, and as soon as i exited the settings, the base enable thing went completely out of nowhere and i accidentally clicked on it and now i cant disable it at all


Welcome to the club , now your game’s proggress will be 10 times more tedious and time consuming than how it’s already is


Same thing happen to me…it came out of nowhere :frowning:


they deliberately put enable in the same spot where players are used to clicking to dismiss other popups.

deceit is their bread and butter when it comes to dealing with their players.

At this rate there won’t be many shop users left…
Its like what happen to the auto bots in the past transformers movie, they started to go extinct, and now shop users are as well

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Yeah,I know that if I keep playing, it will be harder. But i have to continue to play because i have played SM since 2017.