I dont understand this game anymore!

Well,Supermechs,i cant figure out how to play your game anymore.I have been gone for a few patches and now have no idea what to do.Ive figured out a few things.Ive got that many power units and i cant even use them on anything,i cant upgrade anything because it seems i need certain “evolvable items” or something.Its like all the mythical weapons that people were trying to get a few patches ago are now the “common” or “rare” items which suck balls and you now need to obtain what used to be the worst or low level weapons because they are atleast upgrade and evolvable? Am i getting that right?

I was a long time player like many others,im sure im not the only one that has come back for a couple battles on Supermechs and have no idea what to do now.

By the way,the main reason i left the game,was because the couple of patches ago i was talking about.Something big enough was changed that the bug was so buggy.Really,really buggy! That i couldnt even play it.I wont even bother mentioning them as im sure others probably got the same thing.It wasnt my internet connection or browser either,everything was updated and connected.

Some of these bugs are still here,which is another reason stop playing again,but this time for good.You took a pretty easy and stable game,then made it overly complicated and broken.I wont say the game made 100% sense before,but compared to now,its makes no sense at all.

Ive i cant get some help from a admin or vet player to understand where im going wrong or obviously not understanding,sadly it will be the end.Its been a blast playing from pretty much the start and watching it evolve.


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the upgrade system is really not that hard to grasp dude, 12 year olds can get it.

you don’t need certain “evolvable items”; to get an item up to the next stage (common, rare, epic, legendary, mythican) you need to first fuse it to the max of that tier then use a certain mumber of items of that tier to upgrsade it to the next.

First off,thanks for the reply,and insult.

Alot of the items cant be upgraded because it says “legacy items cannot be boosted”,so ive got all these items that cant be boosted,at the same time i have all these power boosters that i cant use.My inventory is already way over max,so i cant even open any boxes for more items either.As a example,all the mythicals ive got,cant be upgraded in anyway? Because thats what the game is telling me.


@El_Metre Can you help here?

will try, but i think he is in a lockdown.
The thing is you are over the item limit, and from what i understand is that you converted the legacy items(the old ones) into powerkits, and now you have alot of powerkits.
And from what i understand, you don’t have any new items, that u can start to fuse and use the powerkits.
i see only 2 posibilities in this case:

  1. You use some tokens to buy some item slots, the first 5 are 25 tokens, then the next 5 are 30, next 5 are 35, and so on.
    After you have some items slots freed, you open some of the boxes, and start fusing the power kits into the new items,make sure they can go all the way to mythical.
    and from there you keep doing that till you get a new mech.
    By the way fussion cost gold, gold can be obtained by farming campaign, or by PVP, usualy about 2-8k gold for 10 energy, in campaign, and 1-2k in PVP.
    You can also buy gold for tokens.
  2. Ask really nice Sarah to maybe give u 1-2 days of grace period for you to get out of the lockdown.
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Here is a problem that has no solution unless the admins. eliminate the blocking of inventory limit to you.

The possible solution (and by the way for all players who are in similar situations) is that the stock of legacy items (or the corresponding kits) is outside the “inventory limit”, that is, the inventory limit should only be to items after the update.


Literally the only solution that there is is buying tokens and spending real money.