I don't like to watch videos for extra items from boxes



Why don’t you like it?


it comes off as desperate, and it’s annoying


Just click no


I love it because I give you an extra letter that can be epic or rare You know how much money I’m saving for every box I open xD


1 item - 30 sec

3 item - 90 sec

I would play a RB mission rather than that,


good but in that time in which you play against ramboy maybe in those articles you get gusts of 3 rare and epic that is worth more


and I only take 10 seconds to open a chest and get the articles


as you see it is another attempt to generate money (they must be very short of it if they use such desperate measures)

you know they are getting paid for advertisements they put into the game, and they also get percentage from the proceeds come from the number of clicks on those advertisement (i guess only if it results in a sale…)

but i might be wrong


Each click on the ad gets them money


than i was right…


If there is a way for them to make money without us spending money then it is a win-win… especially if it is a fully optional feature.

I don’t think it necessarily means they are desperate. It just means they are smart…


you right…


If you don’t then do not lol


The Extra box sometimes not given when you watch the video.


I am not even given the option to watch ads anymore idk why :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I play on my phone. Only does it there.


I have always gotten ads, until recently