I don't like the ability to watch videos for extra items from boxes


I got this.

Yup, mindbreaking.
I dont like new update so much.
Just look how they want farm cash on ads.


another pointless topic smh


i just wanted to say 80% of these updates useless.


If it would be a guaranteed change to epic (with limited times a day) then I’d agree to that.But it ain’t.I landed commons…


You won’t be saying that if the card is yellow/purple.


And actually…
So what if they put these videos on to earn another quick buck?
So what if they get payed a little more?
You also get payed.I see you got an epic outta these vids :3


What’s the legacy item?


before reloaded…


This text will be hidden


I mean which item was the legacy item? I don’t see any.


It has came to your that you can actually avoid clicking that button if you don’t like what’s behind it? Damn!


Diamond Shell, God Mod, Metrolens, Electricon, Heat dissolver, 2 use Grapplins/teleport/charge, 1kg Teleport, Repair drone, and so on…


how do you do this
I have the raid but I can not watch a video to get another item


No, I meant which legacy was in the crate that you got, or so you claimed.


It is mindbreaking that you would complain about free items that are completely optional.


If you don’t like this idea -click “No Thanks”

If you liked it - click “Watch”

Why do you insist on complaining about every single update


I hate that update boxes, dont see that fact once i landed epic… redwrath…


buy silver box in shop.


What are you talking about exactly ? I don’t see…


The title was “back to legacy?” so I assumed that he got a legacy in a crate and got confused.