I don't get it, am I missing something here?


I remember back in early reloaded when i maxed my first mythical brutality. Some random players with old myths called me a noob but they soon realised that i have a much higher heat/energy cap, cooling/regen and also the big hp difference. ( i had around 1200hp and my opponents usally had ~700 hp )
Btw i think you aren’t in the cool kids club. They probaly don’t even know what noob means. Just ignore them :smile:

Its just a idiot
20 carctashctacas

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Like Taco said, it’s just some idiot. Apparently trying to trigger people. Eh, block em and move on, they’re not worth the energy.

No no, I’m not offended by this person, I just had a good laugh and wanted to share it

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Only uncomplicated noob would call an opponent with the use of the word noob. An experienced player is always waiting for the catch.

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I am getting messages like those everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree with you, taco_gamer.

I’m a noob… We are all noobs

Don’t play SM… Problem solved!


Play with my trap body



I… I… I thought only I could do that…

mmmmmmm Shiro

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