I don't care who you are, your'e gonna love this



Once you have experienced a frantic roll of 300+ damage (no matter the frantic)
A button will appear in arena page that says “Frantic Filter”
If you activate it, matchmaking will automatically filter out all potential enemies
that are equipped with a frantic regardless of tier/rank.
To be fair to the low-level players with frantics, there will be an anti-filter button for them that only
appears if they have a frantic equipped on their mech.
This is to prevent people from anti-filtering the players with low tier, less than 300+ damage frantics.

  • What were you smoking?
  • Let’s frickin add this.

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im not waiting 8 hours for a “duck” ing match kid


I don’t love this.

We shouldn’t even have to have this bullshit.

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" @JamAnime12 waits 12 hours to ind a match because Jam ppressed the frantic button "

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This is to erase all chances of finding them!

I wait 12 hours either way… I one time left it searching for players for more than an hour. During that time, I ate breakfast and went number 2. I came back, and was still searching.


your wrong look at 1v1, 2b2, and 3v3 season my guy
atleast 60% i see are frantics the other 20% is upcs and the rest is normal players with valiants

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It’s 2v2 season.
I’m rank 8.
Out of my 100+ battles this season, I’ve found 13 dual frantic users.

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you are 1 lucky goose my guy


Backfire scopes:It seems you never knew about us

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yes because you suck and your worthless a waste ofa turn

While filtering out the frantic users may seem good at first glance, you’re completely forgetting that there are many mech builds that are design to annihilate these type of mech builds. Whether these counters are made up of energy, heat, or physical items, their design is more than capable of overcoming the inconsistencies of the frantics and using these inconsistencies as leverage during combat.

So basically Delete Frantic Light

It’s optional people

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what is with people and these useless trump cards ngl

Wait… That’s it! Just use a wall to stop the frantics! Great idea!

Why Delete Frantic Light?