I do not understand. Is this normal?Arena battles

Lately I have been defeated several times for this. My enemies are 2 ranks above of me.

I thought that when you fight in the arena, the enemy depends on your rank.

I guess I’ll only complete the campaign and raids…

This can happen in any rank,nothing uncommon. It’s pretty unfair,but we all just have to deal with it. Sometimes you can beat higher ranks too.

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This is what happens when you let it search for too long. Restart the search every 10 or so seconds to prevent this from happening so often.


It looks like you only have one build. I would advice you too stay in rank 20-16, until you have one build having torso and legs maxed, and weapons reach legendary.

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This is basically sarah saying slow tf down, and build your god damn mech


i have 2 mech, the first is a heat mech and the second is a physical mech with 1680 hp and…amm . my base has been desactivated a few days ago.

I use the first mech to trick my opponent and overheat him if he gives me a chance.
Once he defeated my first mech, I use the second to kill him.


2v2 season fighting a rank 10 is the best