I do not know but this is very unfair

Hello during so many battles in the arena mode I realized that mythicals appear complete as I can win my mehc is not completely strong is more I do not have mythical level50 weapons? this is a mistake? or it’s because I’m unlucky

This is a picture of a month with a lot of life and with a mitic weapon and 2 weapon level 40also after a very bad streak I came across another mech with a lot of life this mech is very equal to that of a friend

Well I also want to say about an error that if the opponent waits 30 seconds the battle remains in pause does not happen to me very often but the error is activated with this person

Maybe an alleged KIG BLINC fan or an account does not know who I’m going to investigate

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Unlucky I’m sorry…

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Do you want to try your luck friend or do not expect bad luck? fight between 1 a.m i 2 a.m and you will leave very powerful people almost seem rank 1

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I am gonna try it, gonna post result

ok but it has to be between 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. but what range are you?

Don’t be discouraged by them. Unless they’re doing well over 600+ each turn. (Then you can freak out), But most of those aren’t really all that scary. Faced a few myself and managed to either beat some or bring them to near death.

Just keep on fighting.

that is not the problem most have only 150 cooling so you can turn off the engine but I overheated there is the point where I lose life and

You need strategy then, learn when to cool down, when to attack etc

I for the most part of fighting these guys, had to shutdown manually and press my attacks. If anything, even if you don’t win. You learn how to combat them. I will say, part of my ease in handling such mechs, is because I’m not entirely focused on heat. Get a phys wep or two and get them lvled up. Should help with some of these guys.

(Personally recommend Seraph Blade + Ani or two anis if able).

That you have me and your combat strategy

Again I say that your opponent has 1K 800 of life is lost of time because you won’t win you I’ve tried 10 times or more