I do not complain but I enjoy the ride farming

It is a boring topic and we know all of this for sure.

I decided to test today again not as a full serious pilot as normally I play but checking what happen on crazy matches.
Been a lower rank and not complaining because I do not care about ranks neither I play for it in this game even I understand the base why happen I just laugh how this game is crazy not having mech fully developed just plain standard phys against full develope divined mechs and acc’s matches that should not happen not as win or lose but the match itself :rofl::rofl:

I Lose
I Won
I lose
I won
I won

Of course I lose and win others at same rank and above like R4 which should be I guess some normality on it to be matched. I let my self lose all the time to see matches moving up again and it match me very often with same pilots which for the less fortunate who will lose that match all the time for whatever the reason I guess will get frustrate and not right in the selection. I got some same pilots matches and I won all, some same and half and half and some the same losing all. It keeps an average but still some differences in acc max out separating the mech parts levels losing just for a fraction or low even against top full divine. In this case I use just L50 not divine parts to check against shields set up from the opponent.

To me makes the game a bit fun but for real pilots trying to move up or keep a level it is a bit hard regardless amount of people playing at the moment in the lobby.

As always trying to cross rank the game jump and punish with a big one in the match to prevent the win and move up rank. In this case I think sometimes it is ok so you have to really earn next rank doing things right regardless mech levels.

This is just an opinion right or wrong but always opinions depend of pilots frustration levels with the game “fair or not fair”.

In mean time I just like farm in auto and will keep moving fast those levels for my own personal fun in the game which for others it is the boring part but for me it what does make rank the mech itself without been a serious pilot behind the wheel and having weak mechs set.



Who are u mate? Never seen u before

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I am OKI DOKI player since last October who started with my family since the miss fortune of a family loss. I am a solo player who plays 8 different accounts some rankers and some in the middle and I just started 2 more for the heck of the fun. In the other side an old person and worker plus old timer video game player since the 70’s. I am just a game farmer not a real pilot. :upside_down_face::wink::upside_down_face::wink:


Wow, to much info. Could have just said I’m new

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This is funny, same comment from players when I introduced myself in the forum less than 2 months ago. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yes, very wordy. :dizzy_face:


Nice wins.


I basically had a stroke meeting you XD

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Thank you. Some of those wins are just pure luck. :upside_down_face:

I smell a disruption in the force


I know, I am too handsome. Just kidding. :woozy_face:
Why you had a basically a stroke meeting me? PVP? I am not strong, rather weak…

I doubt. They disrupt me like piling a banana without effort :rofl::rofl:

game not fair is fact lol.
(UPC frantic charge) emp looks bad in the shadow of those weapons when emp was like 20 KG


I think that’s quite the accomplishment, winning against players that are 2 ranks higher than you are. That’s flex worthy.

I can’t tell. Did you win against ShapeOfLight?

Hahaha, I noticed those guys at the higher ranks aren’t messing around with energy mechs. They’ve high-energy stats. And that’s why I’ve triple energy counters ready to eat some energy mechs. :smiling_imp:

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Yes, I won against Shape in a fair fight. I have won against R1 in the past many times. The differences is that my mechs in OKI DOKI are weak but many top gunners are no ready to encounter a mech like mine as weird mechs and I get the win, Now, for a rounded mechs as top gunners or well set at any rank with booster or cooling divine it is my lose 100% for sure since I do not have the juice to get the win and just a module divine nothing else. I can lose with R8-R1 and they won’t have much trouble against my two messy mechs.

I can win against many energy full divine with that phys. you can see in my fights but when get into EMP and face shocker with a last word divine with current set up it will neutralize me. Now, depending of the mech position and who start I get some win with mats but normally I lose because modules are inverted. I can manage with mortal bullet and others without emp and get more wins generally speaking but in reality I need to set the modules properly to survive better.
Not been divine it is harder and for sure against mechs with shields at 50-89 are and tuff from 90-150 having just a night fall. Sets with spartan they carnage me easy having two of them or night fall and a carnage.
I can manage against heat with heat bombs if I play smart but when come with bunkers and push me and attact with savagery as example is harder plus typical rockets set with drone I win many but I lose more than win.

I do not have set counters or any in specific mech build just the phys and I did it recently for arena bosses fight since had no power to fight them. :thinking::roll_eyes:

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That season start, no one play seriously at the moment, mostly players have fun or test some stuff, more activity and frustration in same time come in season end as well.

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I agreed with you since I am not a serious player just goofing around. :partying_face::nerd_face:

I see. Nice win against ShapeOfLight.

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I was wondering recently since the game it is been matching me very often with same players. Today decided to play few wins then to go down and see what will happen. The game matched me with same players over and over again and I played to see mech damage against shields. It was strange how many times the game matched me with same 4 players as round one after another repeating 4-5 plays with same pilots. I play some to win and the rest to see mech damage since I am not divine at all.

Still wonder why even the lobby wasn’t that bad to the game to go and repeat same players loop. I got some mix with R3 and I won but very strange same matches. Anyway, some people can be angry if go in the losing side because same matches not like me that I was testing the pvp match.
I played O.D. FARM and move up to R5. I want to test the same since I wonder. :thinking:

With all the game’s fatal bugs recently, it isn’t a surprise players quit the game. Thus, they’re less people playing the arena.

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