I didn't receive a relic box

My clan won, I should have gotten an S+ box but I didn’t get anything. @Sarah247


Clan war problems.
Broke af.

I’m sure they will need 100 screen shots with audio, a short video, the blood of a virgin, the sacrifice of a goat and you must have type O- blood…then you have .0000000001% chance to get your reward…which is a 100% better drop rate for legendary items out of a premium box. Lol


Still never got my box. 5 relics could be pretty useful.

Me too bro :[ sara is not doing er job…

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I wont be surprised but I’d say TS is trying to sell the game and that’s why they do little but just release enough new weapons (or rebooting usually) to keep people around.
If 1 person is complaining on the forum that means 100 others are having the same issue but not part of the forum or gave up complaining.
I’d like to see how many accounts are active from this time last year to now. Bet you its half

I’m still waiting. @Sarah247

I bet she will like,come talk about it tommorow.

Yep, still nothing.

Guess I got nae nae’d

I guess neither of us get box.

No I meant the ‘‘beting’’ thing lol.

Oh yeah that.

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@Sarah247 give us a freaking clan war box -_-

One week, and I still want my box.

My boooox @Sarah 247… :frowning: @Silverbox please help Sarah is not replying :frowning: