I didn't got 100 tokens..?


I did not get 100 tokens as promised


Did you check the unclaimed section? there should be two boxes labeled “Special Gift”.


Here is just one I have, not two hints of advice


Check your unclaimed box, thats your 100 tokens


It’s one box and it contains those 100 tokens.


There’s a reason I said two, I had gotten two boxes. One the first time, then a few moments after a second one. Totalling 200.


Had 18 prior to this. So either I got lucky or it’s more compensation because I play off kongregate. lol


Well, that’s a fortunate bug for you I guess, since the news talk about 100 tokens too. Gratz!


Thanks! and I wasn’t the only one, which is why I guessed it was the same for everyone!


How you know that? You arent only one?


Others at the time I got mine and then shortly after reported getting 200 tokens overall. In kong chat, not IG chat.


Nice, I see :innocent:


I did not get the 100 tokens and no gift boxes in unclaimed either… :frowning:
I only got my 10 tokens from the daily bonus.

@Sarah247 can you have them just add the tokens to my token bank please? :slight_smile:
As my unclaimed won’t allow any boxes at this time.

Thank You


I wonder if they can reset my arena daily, glitched out on the first fight and completed it but never got the fuel.