I did it rank 5

Finally I will get a better reward from the league.
How much better is it then the rank 10 box?

i dont know what the rank 10 boxes look like but the rank 5 boxes give 3 epics

Hahahahahaha better reward… Reward is the same 3 epic poops

so do the rank 10 but i got a legendary out of it once before

It is probably like 2 epics + premium box, but hidden behind animations :slight_smile:

You are probably right

I got legendary once from 5 rank reward.
And I got rank 1 three times:
-No legend
-2 legend
-1 legend
So it have to do something with premium boxes :slight_smile:
Today I am rank one so I will tell you in 2 days what I got.

Congrats on the rank 5 bro! Soon enough it would be rank 1 xD

I wish but it will take a lot of work to get to rank 1 :frowning:

All rank boxes are the same if I’m not mistaken. The only difference is the gold amount.

I don’t think the Leg chance is different since even rank 15s can legs while ranks 1-5 can get jack shit.

ranks 10-6 = 35k, ranks 5-2 = 50k, rank 1 = 100k (if I recall).

Not at all. Rank 15 only gives you one epic and 2 rares, rank 20 is probably only rares. Rank 10 and 5 are 3 epics… who knows what rank 1 is.

It was an example, given that I’ve seen rank 15s get legs and rank ones get nothing. And vice versa.

The numbers given for ranks 10 and below are correct. (I’ve gotten most of them minus the rank 1 box).