I did it rank 4 everybody


Will you continue to rank 3?

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I will try to but i just did my first battle at rank 4 and lost :frowning:

That’s expected, rank 3-4 is pretty damn cancerous. I’m still stuck at rank 3 with no pp/mp lmao you’ll get there just keep on fighting.


Still smurfs?
Yeh i know.

I am so sad i just lost 2 stars

Smurfs, idiots with plat plates (tons), max protectors galore, and stupidly rare weapons with the lamest RNG.

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So not just smurfs?
Well crap.
Oh and dont forget idiots with beams…
That is aids

I rarely see beams at this rank…

And when I do, they’re barely a threat…

I was about to post. About me getting to rank 7 again. Then I see rank 4 and 3. Welp this makes me feel insignificant. Anyways, good job making it to rank 4! 3 more ranks until rank 1.

Heat beams…
They are aids…
Also electrical but heat is more annoying.

Eh, not really, they barely tickle me before they die. Either to my main or my second. Pretty easy to defend against too.

You mean weapons like Malice beam, corrupt light, Hysteria, and savagery?

Soo beams dont bother you?
What kind of items bother you?

Yes…fuq that…
(i pretty have to say that hysteria and savagery arent that aids)
Also the worst is if they have 2 of them…
That would be ultimate AIDS

Probably valiant sniper. I mean, I don’t like it. It bothers me a bunch.

Valiant, Bunkers and ash creators. And stop quoting me, christ just reply normal (to yo yo).


Didnt know you hate them.

Oh god that thing is…
It kills all your electrical…

yep. DOesn’t it drain almost about 150 for 2 uses?