I DEMAND that Admin Alex Release a Series of Tasteful Nudes


shitless, nipple tassles, glitter. these are a few things that come to mind. and while you’re at it get a little playful with the whipped cream this isn’t the 19th century for pitty’s sake. pose like your favourite busty anime babe and smile seductively for the camera for my own pleasure, the community demands it. this thread shall serve as a mandate for the “get Alex out of that Shirt” campaign headed by yours truly. I don’t want to take up violent means, which is why I use the diplomatic channels.

you have been warned, Alex.

Your first posts/topics

Awww ye baz is posting.

^I’d rather see that tho :wink:



Well this reminds me of Andy’s maid pic.!
But this is one step ahead. :grin:


Yes Alex. Come on. Do et.