I defeated a whole titan in one go!

Things have gotten so crazy. With just one attempt, I managed to defeat an entire titan, full health, in one single round! want to know how I did it? Well, I was just trying to get the titan to shut down as many times as possible, when I noticed that kept shutting down a second time when it overheated. So I kept on blasting it until its heat capacity was 1, and used my drone to drain his resistance way past -200. And because he kept shutting down, I could hit him as much as I wanted. So I just left, it, and in the end I killed him, doing it in just one go!


That heat cap is ouch

So good for me or the opponent? Cus I’m not as good as all of you, I’m still working on getting a better mech.

At least his heat cap is better than mine


There’re the most heat players that wants easy way farming titan and premium pack…

funny I did the same thing only with another titan

i don’t think that would happen with higher level titans

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Thanks for the tip, I got him in one go too!

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Yes, well done! This is working…