I can't talk to the developers!

The message said to try later (87 Times later) But it wont work.

What’s your problem?

I can’t talk to the Developers.

I got this :sweat:

I meant, what’s the problem you have to discuss with devs.
Maybe you can find help here on the forum.

Welcome to Supermechs!


Dear Developers
I am sorry to say but I have been having troble comunicating with you. I have lots of segestions, two in particular.

Sincerly Boogieman3003
Dear Developers
I had an idea for the next update. You should add in a Clan Arena! So clans have a real purpose. It would be realy cool.
Dear Developers
Could I pleas have my campain reset. I have goten to far to earn rewards for my acount and I can’t fight these extremly pwerful campain bots.
Sincerely Boogieman3003.
I wrote this to them…

I lost the others I wrote.

Jerk. I have played the game for 5 years now. I KNOW!!

like me too pff, dev are very rare here

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This sucks. I need my campaign reset.

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Realy? Not that rare.

You won’t have your campaign resetted.
Just improve your mech farming levels you already defeated for gold and items.

I need tokens…
That is the only reason.

Then buy them, LoL
Also, you can get tokens from raid, daily activity and clan wins. Seems enough.

Also I like you lied to 'em for having your campaign resetted :joy:

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I know they will answer: I will discuss with team 1 month after bah nothing lol

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I have no money… Raids are slow… and 10 tokens daily is too little for large purchases.

I DID NOT LIE. They are to strong!

LeL, you admitted it yourself then I’ve bring that up :joy:

Also, I’ve already told you what to do if bots are too strong. Just farm easier levels.

Looks like somebody is in a bad mood.