I can't play my acc..,


my acc name riecha pratiwi and i can’t use it again…, i play with fb…, how about for solution for it? please admin


Good Afternoon Riecha,

Could you give a little bit more information about whats happened? Why exactly can’t you play SM through facebook?


I have two accounts, one supermech account with name delta and one again with facebook with riecha pratiwi name, both accounts are different, after playing through android i can not access my riecha account again …, because everytime i access my account riecha will surely login To delta account, how to solve it solution admin please


As this is account related its best to directly contact the supermechs team on this.

Please email supermechs@tacticsoft.net with the following information:

  • The problem you are experiencing
  • Your user ID of both accounts if known
  • The usernames you use to login as well as how you usually log into these accounts (eg through facebook or android)
  • What led up to you being unable to access the accounts as you told me above
  • The email attached to each account