I can not update the parts

I spent some time without playing … and I started playing again … I’m on a medium level because of the save … but the campaign has been restarted and I have the complete inventory … and I can not update anything … There’s a padlock … what do I do ???

u cant upgrade legacy items and the campaign updated

like items so bequeathed ??? Do I have to start a new game, then?

wot does that mean, no you dont have to start a new game

What I do then … I can not open chests or update items

Best to contact support.

However there is something you could try… How many items do you currently have?

i dunno
20 charcsaca

Its only a guess, but I think you have definitly too much legacy items in your inventory.

i have 289/200 on inventery

I was damm right then.
To get rid of your blocking legacy items you have to fuse them.
There is only a little issue you would need at least one actual item where you can fuse your old items
But I think the Legay Converter in the workshop will do the trick

try using the legacy conveter within your workshop.

make sure to euqip items you want to keep so that they dont dissapear