I can not log in from my computer

This is what is happening … then refresh … and I still cannot log in.

Until 3 hours ago it was possible, not now. Cookies deleted, good connection.

Is something wrong?

All of us can’t connect. I keep getting stuck at “Connecting to server”.

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ok. Thank u flux!..

Fallen system. And now everyone went to sleep … :sunglasses:

oh… i thought it was just me.

I keep getting “the Session has Expired.”

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There is a saying: “evil of all, consolation of fools” …

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Super mechs has fallen!

Great job Madao San and/or KigBlinc !


Did someone trip and accidentally pulled the plug off the game server? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am having the same issue.

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Don´t despair … tomorrow or in a while you will persecute and catch me …

Well I’m Having the same problem as you… this what happens i plug in my PC and open Supermechs.com/ site, then this happens

I open my Account and wait it like 3 hours then after that it keeps saying:
(Network Error Please check your internet connection.)

There can be, ONLY ONE :smiling_imp: