I came back to this game to find this

Item limit. Yes the thing that limits your inventory to 100, my inventory has alot of modules which makes my inventory around 600. What would happen if I don’t use them and keep them until the next 8 days? Or what would happen to my Items if my inventory exceeded the limit and I don’t “clean” it up? Would they be deleted? Or would they still be there but unusable?

I kinda don’t like this “feature”, because I couldn’t horde the items I got and space management is important now. Back then, I understand what was the weight limit for, but now this, inventory limit, is this necessary?

They claim everything stays BUT you can’t open any new boxes until you have an open inventory slot.
Everything you get will go into the SHOP/Unclaimed boxes area until you free up an inventory slot. You can also buy with tokens more slots if you so choose.

YES this inventory limit does suck especially at such a low number for 3 mechs. It should be at least 300 to 500

I still have 3,000 items left even after all the fusing I’ve done.

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