I broke my game

I was messing around with my mechs equipment and went into do the raid, you can hear my guns destroy the main gate to the battle area but the screen never opened up to the battle area. I’ve tried everything I can think of to to remedy the problem. I even tried uninstalling the game from my phone ,but all i get is the super mechs shutter screen.

I don’t know who or how but thank you so much . I can play my game again. No more super mechs withdraws.

Just restart the game…

I had tried that all day, I’m guessing that when the game moved on to tier 2 that it booted me out of being froze in the tier 1 battle.

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It worked fine for me after I was able to play again, at least you have extra points till the bug is worked out lol

First of all , it isn’t" your" game.

And yeah I’m stuck too

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