I bought a premium box and this is what i got


I wish i could have gotten a mighty cannon, platinum plating, or at least a premium item but i will have to deal with it. :frowning:


It’s better than getting 2 legendries and getting the same useless item


not really because you have more legendaries to feed for myth


The grim cobra is a great weapon, Burning boots are trash…but yeah I could use them as Myth food


The sad think is i am not a energy mech i trashed 3 legendary electric items for a nightfall myth


Meh…It’s okay.
Myth food.

Btw,are you actually mining crypto in the background?
My Gosh,dude…:-1:


Token desperate Slaves*


I am so that if tacticsoft repays everybody that did it with a decent reward then i have crypto to prove i was mining it. I know its bad but its worth trying right.


No not right.


It doesnt even give me the tokens they are just ghost they do not exist


Kevin Spacey.


Did they repay us after Reloaded?


No i guess that is a fair point but you never know.


Nah fam we didnt get no re-money payment.


That’s the point.
If they gave nothing after killing items that others have payed hundreds,even thousands for,then they would surely,most definitely not even care about this minor (yet outrageous) thing.


Fair point i guess i should stop killing my pc.


All for what?
1-2 tokens an hour?
Hell no,mate.


Ikr so dumass i mean like bruh we were getting cronk in reloaded everybody was chill and then they said like “bruh we got dis here dank ass update” and everybodies like “wow thats lit fam” but then they shat on us and then they aint not giving nobody no compensation.


You kidding?
They gave us power kits.

Joking here.
That’s terrible.
Killed all of our items,made us give up on them for power kits (that we couldn’t use because of the new fusion costs) and turned their backs.


yea bruh ikr those plebs dont know shit man they aint got any sense bruh they aint chill at all man.