I bought a gas mask!


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That was GOLD!


By the way,I just got my mask like an hour ago.Wanna see it?


yes, give fear ^^

or laughter, it will depends ^^


Don’t mind my face,or my hair.
The thing is pretty tight.


The photos aren’t in order for some reason.
Also,I know,I’m terrible at selfies.

Here you have a better picture of me if you think I’m an ugly bastard:

It’s an older pic because I don’t usually shoot myself.


The filter reminds me a magazine/clip of a weapon from the Call Of serie…the “Dinnerplate”'s ammo clip :joy_cat:

Otherwise I prefer the mask without…

And I already saw this pic ^^


I know,but I didn’t have a better pic.


The pic is fine dude, Its good that some of us have guts to put there pics up :smiley:


My hair would never be able to do that. First, it takes 6 months to grow long, then by that time I’m already ready to cut it. Second, it does nothing but stand up directly straight, and no matter what I do it’s straight.


This is going in my next video.


Lol, really?)


For the sake of all manhood, quick, put the mask back on your face, I changed my mind I’d rather have you virgins roaming around. Because a face like yours is the reason why chicks switch sides and play scissors.


And woops,I just realized that I posted this in the wrong thread.
This is one of the disadvantages of having two monitors.You lose track of certain things.


But what’s so wrong about it?


It took mine almost 2 years to grow that long.
I mean,it’s a little longer now,that pic is a couple months old.


Don’t get me wrong, you have the right lines. They are just not on the right spots you know.


Just messing with you. Keep your hair, don’t cut it short. Chicks love playing with it.


Whhhyyyyy youuuu :laughing:


Oh no, someone can’t handle a good joke. What are we gonna do?!? I know! Let’s mass flag everyone!!1!1