I bought a gas mask!


also it should be capitalist or communist


Rip answer… :blossom:


Hmm, when you said Communist, I was thinking more along the lines of political parties than economics (capitalism).


W.P.O.T.W, however, I got your point now.


I’ll tell you an awnser



If political then i agree it’s shet but economic could be done but it’s very difficult to apply for masses,it works better in smaller numbers


Interesting… Some people have different ways to fun.


Capitalism has corruption. From what I understand of communism, corruption is insane.


Congrats on the mask! Staying virgin till the day you die eh


Looks like Sledge from R6S :smiley:


I’ll post a pic once I get it,too!


Well, all systems can have corruption, but it’s the fault of people not the system


Too bad about that…


Your gas mask reminds me of one I once wore, during a nuclear research site’s visit…

2 differences, it was a bit more dirrected against radiations rather than gas, and it was a bit stockier ^^

I don’t think I still have the pic of me wearing one…but damn it’s effective against cold wind :joy_cat:


looks kinda like darth vader. paint it black lol


image some guy outside of the window


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Delete that sh*t, you ruined a good topic.


Well…considering you wear it on a head, it works…

We just don’t tell which head you’re refering to :joy_cat:


No more penis jokes please.