I bought a gas mask!


Wow, Really? That’s cool


Visiting Hong kong??



That seems so wrong for a person to wear a gas mask during a jog. That’s too hot to wear. Jeez, I hope that’s fog and not smog.


China is pretty polluted, both in Waters and Air. So yeah it’s a High-Class Smog, one that is almost equivalent to 2nd Hand smoking.


I didn’t know we shared this same interest!
I’m coming to like you more :laughing:


Nah,I’m gonna get a full-face mask,nit half-face like these ones.


That’s sad to hear. That’s the Communist Party for you. Rip China’s ancient history of peaceful coexistence with nature.

On the bright side, now days, the Chinese are making amends towards a greener environment, kind of late though.


its basically most of Asia atm,

China , Japan , South Korea , India …


That really sucks…


Japan seems fine, I visited there before and it was beitufil. However, I was on a mountain most of the time, so that might be why.


Did you know I’m sick about 80’s thing? Like SICC


Or chernobyl?


ever since I watched this episode of doctor who as a lkid gas masks have freaked me the ■■■■ out.



Communist? Soon more people will die from starvation because of capitalism than communism, i could point out more idiotic things america does but topic is about gas masks


We slavs do not aprove that.


I have a basic gas masko too! Pic under is me and my friend on a trip with masks


Ur too cheeki briiki 4 me.


W.P.O.W, let me ask you a simple question. If you could choose, what type of government would you prefer to live under, Communist or Democratic?


Welcome to 2010.


would love to answer you but i would get banned for it so sorry