I bought a gas mask!


I felt like sharing this with you.

I’ve wanted a gas mask for ages now (don’t ask why) and I finally purchased one today.I ordered a Model 85 from the 80’s.Simple yet solid (military surplus) mask.
I actually wanted either a PRWU or a GP-7/GP-5 but,because of a couple of reasons,I can’t get either one of them.Even so,Model 85 will serve me good.

It also has a little tube from which you can actually drink while wearing the mask (that’s the only difference between the Model 85 and Model 74).I will use that to drink champagne in two weeks from now (my birthday’s coming near).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about,here’s a couple photos of it:

Pretty mean,badass-looking military (special forces,vanguard) mask.

Also.what I actually wanted:
PRWU,also known as ‘‘The Skull Mask’’ or ‘‘The Ape Mask’’:
This isn’t something you’d want to see people wearing at night.It gives such a cold,lifeless feeling.

GP-7,also known as ‘‘The Left-Sided Sorcerer’’ or ‘‘The Astronaut’’:


Lmao what you gonna do with it.


I’m gonna have a crap ton of fun with it :smiley:
My other buds also have gas masks,one of them even has the PRWU I wanted.
Even so,I think this military styled one represents me better.


Gud jub commrade.

Now you can go to chernobyl for free.


OK it looks scarytho


The PRWU is much scarier.
Trust me,I saw my pal wearing it at night,when the light isn’t enough for you to see his eyes through the lenses.


I like those who have pipes hanging from the chin like th PRWU


Indeed,I also like them.But I mostly like the cold,lifeless look of it.


You all bought them for fun lol it may even scare some body at night.


It’s actually scarier than it looks in this picture.
Not to say the sound it makes.It has a voice amplifier,but it also makes your voice really,really low.And you can hear the sound of breathing through it very loudly.
As I said,you don’t wanna come across someone that wears one of these at night.


Lol it would scare the heck out…


Is Dat you just curious


That’s why I originally wanted one of these.
But the Model 85 looks a lot more aggressive.


Hey, now you can safely visit these forums!


Oooh,I like that!

Get it,toxicity?


Now all of us need to get one.


Lol! That hilarious! That’s a good one, Yo Yo Man.


Grats on getting your gas mask.


uhhh congrats i guess

slowly backs away


@L4K3 I had 6 different types from ww2 to one from my deployment in 2001