I am thinking about a Grim Reaper!


Hi guys,I already have a physical Zarkares build with 2300 hp that is anti-heat,anti-physical and with the main purpose of acting like a ‘‘living shield’’ against energy builds,an energy Zarkares build with f2p weaponry and a Windforge and I’m thinking about starting a new build.

Could you give me sone suggestions of effective builds that use Grim Reaper and Face Shocker please?
(I have a couple in mind but I’ve never came across Grim Reaper myself so I’d like a bunch of suggestions)


Double malice beam build?


I thought GR worked well once you had a plat plate?

Don’t think I’ve seen an effective build with just iron plates (that I recall).

Although take hints from your other energy, only maybe one less engine and more hp? (just my thought).




If premium, a good build would obviously be bunker shells and valiants.

F2P however, the best build is probably dual malice beams and atleast 3 plates and several 3 Energy Engines and just 2 Heat Engines.

This setup is of course, effective against other energies and physical, but would be ineffective against heat


Dual Malice + Hysteria seems like a waste.
Maybe something more damage-oriented,with an Ultrabright?


How about dual Ultrabright, A Last Words and a Hysteria?


Okay,will try!
And for the modules,I’ll do the setup you suggested above.

Even so,I’;d like more suggestions :thinking:


One ultrabright is enough, plus a malice and last words and hysteria may work.

I’m not energy building but this seems like a somewhat well rounded f2p mech


Yes, but MB isn’t damage-oriented but a mass-drainer.


I was thinking about using Ash…
And bunker shell


Those are premiums meng.


If we talk about non premiums…Pls do not use 2 beams
Or i will kill you.



Is the Desert Snake good? It drains cooling, and my heat mech focuses on that…


It’s useful as a pull weapon if you’ve got magmas. But overall it’s pretty meh (my opinion on it).


I just made the calculation.

Maxed GR is 879
Maxed Iron Plate is 145.
So if the setup has 3 IP;


Atleast there’s something, right?


You waste weight and get less energy. So two plates is generally enough, most energies don’t run insane amounts of HP. Unless they’re troll mechs or stupid (lmao).


Plus legs it should reah to around 1700,right?
Okay,I’m good with the hp,moving with the weapon and module setup.
So,an UB,a FS and…?


Goodness, we don’t know the weight yet.


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