I am suck at English

Why! Why I am so suck at English,
And I still don’t understand
I am + Verb is right, right?


If English is not your main language, its okay. Mine is not main too but i survive somehow :slight_smile:


me 2


Finally, after the long travel to the 10 points english, our traveler met 2 suck at english friends
And they live happily forever.

If you speak the language, at least do it properly

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despacito language very english?

What if we cant :joy:

No that is not correct. Suck is a verb. You are engaging in the act of sucking. Therefore you simply say I suck. The full table of conjugation for the verb to suck in the present tense is as follows:

I suck
You suck
He/she/one sucks
They suck

You would only use “I am” (the verb to be at present tense with yourself as the subject) in order to attach an adjective to yourself, not a verb. It may seem confusing because suck seems to describe you but it actually described your actions and is therefore a verb. To describe your simple state of being you use an adjective. The synonymous adjective to the verb to suck is the adjective “sucky”. Therefore you would use the phrase I am sucky. The full table of conjugations is as follows

I am + sucky (adj.)
You are + sucky (adj.)
He/she/one is + sucky (adj.)
They are + sucky (adj.)

And this is the same general pattern for most verbs and adjectives in the present tense. There are of course irregulars and such but 9 times out of ten this is they way you’d do it.

Let me know if you want help for past and future tense as well.


Then dont do it

What if we have to communicate

What about:
That bee visits a flower
That bee passes a flower
Which is correct?

“The bee” is better than “that bee” unless you were distinguishing it from another bee to avoid some circumstantial ambiguity. Other than that, both are grammatically accurate. The meaning is different. If the bee passes the flower, it means he simply flutters past it. If the bee visits the flower, it would mean the bee lands on the flower and possibly collects pollen before moving on. So depending on your meaning you could use either.