I am still level 3 but can't do what level 3 does

I still can see my level 3 badge.
But can’t rename and other stuff…

Is this bug or i am demoted?

Refresh yo page maybe

Nope.Still does not work.

Do you see my level 3 badge or not?

You’ve been demoted to a member :confused:

You…you don’t see my level 3 badge?


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Welp fuq.

I know why i have been demoted.
Got flaged for geting rekt by Lakes bree fans.

It was fun being level 3 now…

By the way…i was asking that because i can see my level 3 badge lol.
Soo it’s both.

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The badge won’t disappear with the loss of level 3.

I could take it away for you though? :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want lad.
Gonna do it fair

Elo elo…

Now i can see my badge level 2.
@Elcent probably took it lol

Nope, not me,

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Are you sure about that?

Why would i lie?

Just curius…

Just kiddin, i know staffs wouldn’t lie :slight_smile: