I am so,so happy!


I want to express just how happy I am.

First reason!

A little while ago,I said I’d interrupt my progress in order to make myth food.I wanted to do that for quite a while,but never got serious about it since the last special quest,from which I got the incentive to finally do it.
It’s been…How long?A week or so?I already have 11 myth food items prepared,and I’m halfway at my 12th.I am getting serious about this.

Second reason!

Today,I just got a Claw.You see,I always wanted a Brutality build so I mythed one some time ago,but never used it.I also left the Falcon to gather dust because I couldn’t properly integrate it into one of my builds without giving up on something necessary.
After the BackBreaker update,I also wanted a myth BB on my mechs.You all know how much I love how the StormWeaver looks,right?Transforming a BB into an axe was something even greater for me,as it’s both an axe and a physical weapon (and yes,I’m a native phys user,so double the hapiness),but again,I could never fit it into one of my builds,because my builds didn’t need it.

Now that I got a Claw,I can make my dream build!
I can use the Brutality efficiently after a long time.
I can integrate the Falcon without giving up on something else that I need.
I can finally weild an axe,the BackBreaker.
And my build will be 1000/1000!So I’ll keep my 4 builds worth 4000kgs!Awesome!

Third reason!

I feel special.
Community members made me feel that way (I won’t say who,but you might already know who I’m talking about).I appreciate all of the support and kind words you’ve adressed me.I have a pretty plain everyday life and this means a lot.
Thank you guys!
You’ve helped me get through hardships with a smile on my face,like a hero,and gave me motivation to do my best everyday.The fact that I’m still here is thanks to you.


Good for you Lake,happines and possitivity is always the awnser.

Btw…that claw mech look sick af.


And that’s thanks to those few that made my experience better.
I’m tempted,but I won’t say who they are.
They know themselves,anyways,but I won’t break it to them :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes,my dream build is finally becoming reality.It also looks much better than expected.


Coming out for you mate.
All is deserved. For once a portal is good to you, and its good all the way.
You know what remains for you to do now: go kick some arses.

As i always say: dont neglect your mods


Thank you,kind sir!
Finally overcame a milestone.

It’ll be a heat/phys counter with little over 2300 hp and a heat/cooling comparable to that of top heaters.


Congrats on getting a CLAW!!!
And also…Cool dream mech…


We all are happy for you @L4K3, but i would be more happier if i got my Valiant too XD


Good job ^^

(by the way, didn’t you copied my weapon setup ?)

Joke, there are no copyright, but that’s the second build I see with those weapon (minus Falcon) in less than a week XD
But I never saw BB/Annihi/NF/NE on any mech before XD

Now here is a building challenge: try to imagine the most competive “Reloaded Diamond Shell” build ^^




Congrats, dear lakey boi…


Congrats on that Claw, man! Good for you!


oh no he has a claw

:frowning: im scared of those


Well…be afraid of ME…or Technodive…or Transcendant…we have more than ONE!!!



heck im gonna need to equip 2 claws on a mech then


Gratsu Lakesy.
I love you.



Gratz l4k3 ! Now come up in ranks and give them shit!


Oh,I didn’t know this is also your setup.
So now I have a NF/NE/Anni/BB/Falcon setip and another one NF/NE/Anni/Seraph.

So,the “Reloaded Diamond Shell”, huh?
First of all,I wouldn’t make it an all-rounder (to go against 3 types).
I would make it go against 2 types with more efficiency.Most probably an anti-heat&energy physical build.

That,or a " Diamond Shell setup",or “Diamons Shetup” lmao.
A phys anti-heat with higher than average hp working in pair with an anti-energy with higher than average hp and an all-rounder.
(Yes,I know this was one of my old setups)

paired up with

But if you want one single,balanced mech,here you go:


Yo hold up a second.
This almost a flexing thread.


It isn’t “my” setup, it’s just the one I’m using since…since I got the parts to build it XD

(I was using a Reckless Beam a few times, but it messed with the autopilot for farming ^^)

The idea behind it was to always have a way to damage the enemy (range 1: Drone+Annihi or BB+NF, range 2: Annihi+NF, range 3: NF+NE or NE+Annihi, range 4: NF+NE or RB+NE, range 5: NE+NF, range 6: NE+RB, range 7-8: RB+charge usually, I keep the Grapple+BB for finishing, or the Grapple+Annihi when energy-broken and away from the opponent)

Anyway, about your build ideas…I wasn’t expecting less than 6 different builds XD :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good to see you’re still having ideas ^^


Ah,no.I was talking that it was my old setup :stuck_out_tongue:
Like counters.Each specialized per types,working as a ‘‘Diamond Shell Setup’’ rather than a singular build.Like a build of builds.