I am se77en basically nobody now

I went from being a top player to nobody over night. Now I grind like a monkey for peanuts in campaign. I expect in 2935 I may have a formidable line up so LOOK OUT

. So there is that

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Nope you still are one of the most skilled fighters i know.
Also a great friend, a honest person, hard worker and devoted and loyal Kangaroo solver!


Not to mention, that’s one fine looking ride


You were always a NOOBody and you always will be… Fingface.

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gg mate good luck on your skillz[quote=“Se77en, post:1, topic:5166”]
grind like a monkey for peanuts

I laughed out loud at this


Never say that … you will always be my nemesis strategist, specialist in distance in values in strategic game “when the game allowed” is now a battle of power there is no strategy, and that is why we are affected those who played strategy , That we did not have the best mechs my full fusion, but likewise we managed to win by force of strategy. For me you are always and you will be one of the most brilliant players in this game.


My account was stolen. It has been a month since I have had it. I may or may not ever get it back at the latter seems most likely . I lost it by trusting someone which I will not stop doing as it is who I am. My anger of the theft has been appropraitely dealt with and my mourning of the loss of a 7000 dollar account has run its course. To those who did it I wont forget ever.

What happened with reloaded is done. I have the money to build a new account but have realized it is not worth it. I have had time to internalize what I actually recieved for my money and time. I made a very few real friends in various parts of the world. Other than some eye opening realizations of the true nature of people that is about all I will leave with. What I leave is that anyone who interacted with me on any level recieved the real me. I cannot be someone who I am not as I am proud of who I am, where I came from, and what I stand for.

The game in its current version is actually not as horrible as originally reviewed save the robbery of my time and money from its prior version. As a businessman I understand Tacticsoft has financial responsibilities . Personally I have had to make similar decisions to keep people working and keep the doors open. I handled them much differently than them but I understand they must do whatever is necessary to continue to be a profitable business. My opinion of the way they handled it would be they could have significantly softened the blow to the existing players with honest frank communication. The reactions from players were based on going to sleep with a premium account and waking to find it utterly useless without Tacticsoft properly doing their best to inform the vererans of the changes. I have ranted to and about Tacticsoft as my emotions got the best of me and I would like to apologize to Tacticsoft especially @Sarah247 for my behavior. Though it was warranted it was not something I am proud of. I could have conveyed my frustration without getting personal. I am sorry Sarah.

I poured a lot of resources into this game. My time was the most expensive. The current version requires a lot of it. It is too valuable to me to re apply myself at the level I was once at. I think about what I could have done with the time lost due to this game and what I could have learned or achieved during that time and I grieve the loss of such a valuable thing. Though I do not consider playing this game a mistake I am wise enough to not repeat the mistakes of my past even if the se77en account re enters my life.

Be well and play well



Ok, if you are Se77en 2 questions:

Where is the Kangaroo?
and what was the nickname i gave u?


In my pants and I had many nicknames. Who else would write such a post meatball?

It happens . Not a big deal