I am retiering for greater good

The title said it , i had a lor of fun with you guys , made friends. Couple of enemies… But its fine.

I decided to leave this game since i have almost 0 spare time now . I got a job , im getting into animating and drawing as a hobby. I really would like to play this game more but i feel like all the hours i lost on here didnt really serve a purpose…

With that being said , on a real note , goodbye everyone , ill miss every single one of you , especially you @Se77en . Best friend that supported me across my playthrhough.

Goodbye everyone , take care of yourselves , dont spend time on rage inducing games.

Love , Angie <3


good bye @Krystal


you are good player, brave and I understand work + play it’s tired fast and game really hard
goodbye krystal


I will miss you :heart:


This game is for fun cya :v:

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you do what you have to, Krystal. this game is just entertainment. your life is a lot more important. we’ll miss you.

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I never make the same mistake twice. I make it five or six times. Just to be sure.

Wishing you much joy n happiness.

Good bye @Krystal. You always defeated me in ranked ._. I will will miss you and your annoying energy mech :slight_smile:

@Krystal you will be missed.
Make sure to stop by every once in a while. :wink:


I will never understand the mindset of people who consider fun and friendship time spent without “purpose”.

Bye Krystal. I hope the future finds you in good health and with great fortune. Our chats were short here but heartfelt and sincere. I wish you all the best. Se77en