I am lucky ? (premium pack)

one premium pack !



Loool worst drop ever

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the only good thing is nightfall lmao


desolation is also good on energy free builds.


i know but i already got nightfall and desolation legendary maxed

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Night consumes energy … I have discarded a few of these. Material for fusion.

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well its way more better than mines
i gave up buying “premium” boxes/pack
i just got 1 leg from 4 PP & 8 PB atm & was desert snake (its cool but the consumption…)

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i got legendary power bottoms and grum reaper

not rly surprising

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Who would have guessed… there is a legendary to myth version of Repulser.
It is called “Armor Dissolver”.

To think I would get THAT from a premium pack…

armor dissolver

Well, at least I will have some “legendary scrap metal” to upgrade another equipment to myth level. XD


wow…I need that…can I have it?.. :slight_smile:

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No, Give me that item! I give you 50% of the tokens that i got from selling it!

cough bad joke cough

I remember someone saying how disappointed they were about getting a legendary relic outta one of those chests…I wonder if they changed their mind after seeing that :sneezing_face::laughing:
And btw,I do indeed feel your pain…

Lmao just relaised it uses 39 heat look that’s even more than nightfall and all U get is 3 pushback



the best repulser is 20 leveled rare repulser because its do less heat consumption.

No way,that’s so lucky!
And you even got my StormWeaver!!

My Greedy and Brutality o.O

This is insane

the best of that loot is terror cry