I am looking for an active clan


Basec mafs…


@justy67, depending on how many wins you get a day, Mech Corp ll may have a spot for you. We are currently working on recruiting and are getting better every day!


I need a clan since Mech Corop wont take me win. I get 8 wins a day


We wont take you because you are toxic and… you said n word :confused:


wouldnt that end up being 2f3p?

I think the correct formula is f2p + p

but what do I know, I dropped maths like a deuce.


Toxic in what way? i’m curious


So did Weedman…


Okay he did it but what you said in past? Trash talked to our clan leader, blaming others for everything… shall i continue? You even got second chance from our leader LowKee to join Mech Corp II (idk why he gave you chance) but you declined and called our clan stupid because it only get 500 wins a week. Its a new clan at all. It need time to make clan sucessfull.


“Nobody”… boy… if nobody is active, how can clan get 500 wins?


It was metaphorical,…


Just stop it… Everyone know that you are toxic…


We’ve asked you to leave our clan message board as you’re not part of the clan anymore nor ever will be, instead you’re just tagging people and refusing to leave, leading to us having to make a new message board.


What are you talking about?!?!??!! Nobody is fighting you! You started the whole thing!


Were not fighting you, we’re trying to be reasonable and you’re not willing to accept it.


Yeah you guys are like “Daniel is being salty, Daniel is being toxic” I am sorry for saying the N word but so did Weedman. Even if he is a hard carrier that does not give him the right to say it.


Not only N word. What you did in past huh?


Two wrongs don’t make a right, Weedmans mistakes don’t justify your own. I don’t recall any of this happening and I have no personal beef with you Daniel, but my advice to you is to move on. The boss man has spoken, and he has the right to refuse you joining/rejoining the clan.


Thank you Pavic for liking all of my posts. That is going to get one of my achievements


As @Destroyerblack will tell you, I have spoken to people casually dropping racial slurs in our clan.

I dunno why you little white boys think it’s so cool. It’s degrading and insulting.

But this isn’t about whose saying dumb shiz, this is about…

You’ve been asked countess times to leave, just please in the nicest possible way, p1ss off now.


So you flagged someones topic because???