I am looking for an active clan


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What is F3P?


Hi mate.
Dont panic, as a new user, system doesnt let you have to many actions. It is autoflagging your posts.

On the topic, id advice you to get in touch with the good people of Mech Corp, expending clan(s) at the moment.
People to see: @LowKee, @Pavic


Hi friend! I would like to know how much wins you get weekly :slight_smile:


F2P, of course …

listed #6


In your post you said F3P.


Typo, sorry :-)…


Daily wins min 5, usually more


why is this flagged?


New user.


@LowKee We at Mech Corp are always looking for more members! We would love to have you (@justy67). Thanks for the shoutout @lordgorgon! The main Mech Corp clan currently has 2 open spots, so we could accommodate you for sure. LowKee will contact you when he gets on. Hold tight for a little longer!


@justy67 Hey, you still looking for a clan?


@ LowKee
Yes, still looking for a new clan


To Tag, get rid of the Space between the @ and the Name

Like this @justy67 not @ justy67


Yes, still looking for a new clan


why is it flagged



damn you system.


ah gotta love the f3ps

basically a f2p + fp